Sunday, July 8, 2012

Well I have gotten another block done – so many left to do if I make this one queen size Smile

The latest POTC block.


All 10 so far:


Joseph’s Coat right before I gave it another crank down on Friday night –


Looking down the row at what needs to be done next.  I got very little done yesterday– I was mainly reading a book and working on the green vine part of the applique on the Red and Green quilt.  Hopefully done with that done today and then I can get started cutting out flowers and gluing in place.


I have been looking at fabric on the shelves and starting to put together bundles of what I want to use in “Common Bride – I’m not sure when I will begin this quilt – probably not until next year but it is nice to start going through the fabric to see what I have available.  You can’t see real well on this photo but I really like the color scheme already there – lots of pink/browns – some greens and blue thrown in as well.  The background is numerous shades of beige to light brown – I am thinking more cream for the background and go a little lighter for that part of it.


Mike found this lizard  yesterday outside – he trapped it and brought it in for me to look at – unusual in that we never see this kind around the house outside – a spotted salamander.   Released back outside after I got a photo.


For those that have asked me about where to purchase turkey lacers/skewers to make the stilettos I got them at this link.  They are a little more than the $5.00 I thought they were – I hadn’t remembered the correct price – you can get a package of 8 for $7.04 plus shipping unless you can find them at your local grocery store or a Wal-Mart type of store.