Monday, July 9, 2012

Over the weekend I got a little sewing/quilting done and a lot of reading.  I have been in a reading mode lately – the hot weather and all just kind of drags you down.

I was cutting out applique for the Red and Green quilt this weekend.  I was going to press edges under and try a different method for applique – but the more I think about it the less enthused I am about it.  Too much work! I think I will just plan on needle turn like I normally do.

Which means these pressed to the back side of the fabric and


already cut out – will need the freezer paper taken off the back and pressed back to the front side instead so I can draw a stitch line all around the pieces like I normally do – this might sound like a lot of extra work but it really isn’t – pressing the freezer paper back down will just take minutes and the drawing around the pattern piece is busy work for in front of the tv with a sandpaper board on my lap.

The green & red pieces actually look different than they are in this photo – the color is not right at all – on my screen that is – maybe it is right on yours?  I have learned that not all computer screens are the same.  I will show more on the applique as I start to glue it down in place – I might just do one border at a time I think for gluing to keep it neat but I will lay it all out first – this will be to keep track of what I want where.  It is a large quilt and I will have to be doing this design work on the floor so one border at a time will be best.


Another POTC block – #11 I think.  I believe I need 64 blocks which would give me a quilt 96 x 96 inches plus a border.   So that will give me a good queen size quilt.  For the pieces in between the blocks I think I will go with black – but that is subject to change as I get closer to the end.  The blocks will not be put together until they are all finished so I can lay out and decide on color placement.


Quilting on Joseph’s Coat continues but really nothing new to show on that, I’m about half was across the row now from the last photo I showed when I had just cranked it down.

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Rain! Well A Little Anyhow

by Karen on July 9, 2012

in quilts

Yesterday we were supposed to get a little rain – well the deck started to get some rain drops on it and the windshield of the car was wet – the air smelled like rain and smoke!  One of the fire trucks in the neighborhood went by but no sirens.  Eventually the smoked went away – after exchanging a few notes with sis in law on facebook I learned that possibly a tree was struck by lighten in the mountains away from us and possibly a fire on a ridge a distance away from me.  By evening whatever it was seemed to have disappeared from my area thank goodness.  Yesterday we never got any significant rain as we were told we should get.  Not in my area – no more than drops!

But this morning I woke up to a wet deck and porch!! I went outside to see the rain gauge a big 1/2 inch Smile the first measurable amount of rain we have had in my little neck of the woods since April!!


But a 1/2 inch is not much when you think about it – I scrapped aside the mulch in the dried up flower bed – after the mulch is scrapped away all there is – is dried dirt!!  I wonder how much rain we need to really soak in – maybe 5 inches or so I bet!


In the meantime in anticipation of rain yesterday I had put out containers to collect rain water Smile under the eaves, under the rain spouts – wherever I could think of – didn’t have enough buckets.

I put my leg next to this container to show how large it is, I emptied almost everything into this one until I can figure out what needs the water the most.  I already have two 5 gallon buckets around the smaller of the dogwood trees – the one closest to the house that I want to save.  I poured a bucket of water on the ground by the small redbud tree I would like to save that one too is fairly close to the house.


Weird how I have to think what do I want to save the most!  We might get more rain today so I have all the buckets back under the spouts and the eaves anywhere I think some will gather up and maybe I can do this again tomorrow.  I might just put all of this water on the small dogwood tree off and on today and get it really soaked in good – or maybe it should go for the big shade tree in the middle of the yard – I really want to save that big tree but it is showing no damage so far all the leaves are still green – I will think on it for a little bit Smile

Quilting stuff later–