Friday, July 13, 2012

Today my aim is to get all the yellow circles ready for the Red and Green Applique – the flower centers.  After some time yesterday going through my mylar circles I finally had to cut one down to get the right size.  I have several packets of precut circles that I had gotten here.

Only problem was none of them were the right size!  I finally took the smallest out of the packet that holds the “bigger” circles and cut it down using the largest of the “smaller” circle packet as a template if that makes any sense to you.

This is drawn out on the wrong side of the fabric and then using my circle applique method found here I will make up the circles today.


I can get the circles done today but I don’t know what we are doing this weekend so starting the glue basting of all the flowers and leaves to the first border might wait until Monday.  Other than circles I will be doing some quilting on Joseph’s Coat. I only quilted 30 minutes yesterday so I really want to get a bit more accomplished today.  My excuse for yesterday is that I was out on the porch reading for quite a bit off and on all day.

I’m sorry I don’t remember now where I saw it– as sometimes I read way too many blogs — but a book was recommended on someone’s blog – if that someone reads this send me a comment and I will add a link to your blog as I know you put a lot of book recommendations on your blog – the author is Julie Hyzy – I had never read the author but went to Amazon to look and see what she had.  They aren’t free to the Kindle but I wanted to try one so I got the first of the series called “State of the Onion” I really enjoyed it and it was a nice relaxing entertaining read – it is about a fictional chef at the White House and murder.  It is not gory or obscene – lol  just a relaxing story of a chef trying to catch a hit man running around the White House and Camp David – and a plus is a lot of recipes at the back of the book.  I liked enough that I will be getting more of the series.

So today I will make up time at the quilting frame and put the Kindle aside for a little bit today and get some quilting done!  I might even get another POTC block finished – if I really stick to it that is – depends on if the weather today doesn’t get hot and sticky – we will see -