Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I got a couple flowers made and all of the yellow centers are finished!  Now it is going to take awhile though to get all of the flowers done – tedious work at time.

This flower is red – on my computer screen it looks kind of orange.    This is glued together.  A little dab of glue here and there and it will hold it together good enough until it gets to the quilt top where it will be glue basted in place and then sewed in place.


All of the centers with the padding in place and pressed.


Putting together a big flower.  The smaller part of it I put little glue dots on and then put it in place on the larger petal.


My color isn’t good for the photos today – I couldn’t get the lighting right – they are more red than what these are showing.  I’ll try a different room tomorrow closer to the window or something to see if I can get the color to show better.

Same flowers – a little bit of different lighting – these colors are closer to what they are.  You might notice on the larger petals that the chalk mark is showing at the top.  These petals will need that area clipped just a little bit and then when I applique I will pull that mark under – it will be taken care of Smile


POTC blocks – 13 of them now.


I have been busy last evening getting more of these little hexagons ready – I need more color to mix – I had a lot of yellow prints printed out on the fabric but they didn’t go together right and so I have been busy choosing some new pieces.