Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Update

by Karen on July 21, 2012

in quilts

Here is a little update on the book I mentioned the other day that I had wanted to buy –  “Making Quilts… the promise of Joy” by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession fame.  It is sold in the US at the site called Glorious Color.  The price $60.00  Way too high for me.  But I have found out that the book is in both English and French which might account for the price of the book.  The book is published by Quiltmania – which a lot of us know from quilt magazines and I believe (not positive) that it is a French company.  The magazines are beautiful and printed on nice glossy paper with beautiful photos.  Maybe the book is published the same way – I don’t know I do know I don’t buy the magazines often by them because of the price.  I hope to find a copy of the book sometime next year – maybe someone will be selling a used copy by then – I will keep a look out for it!

I have nothing to blog about today! Hot day, read outside on the porch this morning until the heat drove me in – quilted on Joseph’s Coat for about an hour and will get back to it later.  The flowers for Red and Green are coming along and will have the prep work done soon–that’s it fellow quilters – maybe something will come up to blog about in the next couple days – if not I’m skipping tomorrow :)