Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am pretty sure I started the Red and Green Traditional Applique quilt back in January of 2010 and here more than 2 1/2 years later I am finally starting the actually stitching for the border of this quilt after I hadn’t worked on it for almost a year I believe.  It is amazing at times how long we can put projects aside without working on them.

Yesterday I got the border completely glue basted in place – I was only going to do one border at a time and then thought to heck with it just go ahead and glue baste the whole thing.  I have it on the work table now matching threads this morning to start on the first corner later today.  I am lucky I have a Gutermann Thread Cabinet of 100 shades to find thread from.  I almost always find a thread to match and if I don’t I have a spool of a neutral color silk that I use.  I will start with the outer flower petal the darker red then I cut away the backing to make it a thinner layer to quilt later on.  I will show you what I mean after I get started.  I do that with each layer when working with layers and sometimes with just the leaves.  I might be putting some embroidery on these as well as I have some in the blocks of the quilt top as well so I want those areas to be thinner – easier to work through.


Besides applique I want to finish this area of the Joseph’s Coat quilt today also – I am almost to the half way point!! when I get to the end of this length I will be half way done quilting the quilt.  This is the area I will be working on today.


It is exciting to be half way done with the quilt.  It is moving quickly although I have been lazy the past several days and haven’t been putting in as much time as I had been doing.  7 1/2 weeks of work so far!  It will be nice to crank it down a little more this evening and know that I am half way finished with it.  I will have close to 60 hours of quilting in it tonight.


I have house work to do today also as my floors really need vacuuming and cleaning – I can put it off no longer! I must get the house clean!  I hope to get to the quilts this afternoon.  Have a great day everyone.