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  1. That would be funny if it wasn’t so true … although I have not bought fabric in weeks so I am doing pretty good except for the fact that I am lusting for some I’ve seen. In the “old days” if we couldn’t get to the stores, we couldn’t buy any fabric. Now we can sit at our computer in our PJs if we wish and ordered whatever we see that we like. That’s kind of scary for we QA people really! Oh heck, at least we are not buying drugs, right? lol

  2. Good for Alice!!!!!!

  3. Cute ~ and you show it just as I get an email from Connecting Threads with 20% off orders! How can I resist?

  4. Giggle! I’m not showing my DH. He would make me join.

  5. LOL! I haven’t been a good girl at all this year, as the intention was! I have sinned and bougth some yards… :)
    Astrid recently posted…Blogger’s BOM #9, 10 and 11 and progress on BD-quiltMy Profile

  6. Ha! It’s hour by hour around here!

  7. LOL! I think I might have to join Alice and the rest of the group. Haven’t bought any fabric in the last few months…
    Elzaan recently posted…Ditjies en datjiesMy Profile

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