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Joseph’s Coat, Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses, quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique, weather

First of all before I forget does anyone know if I can purchase the Australian quilting book “Making Quilts…the promise of joy” by Kathy Doughty in the states?

If I can save on shipping I would love to.  I guess first I must need to figure out what the US price is for the book, I have seen the Australian price at close to $60 and I don’t pay that much for a quilting book no matter how good it is!  I did a search but I couldn’t find it listed in the normal places I look for quilting books at.  The price at this link is $55 Australian plus $29 for shipping and handling and that is just way more than I will pay for a quilting book – sorry but I do have a budget to consider.

For awhile yesterday I was thinking of forgetting to make the petals for the Red and Green quilt with this freezer paper, gathering, pressing method as it is so tedious and takes a lot of time – then I had to remind myself I am working on two other quilts right now anyhow so it doesn’t really matter how long the prep work takes does it – I have put the petals on the arm of the couch to work on while I am watching the news and whatever and will work on it a little at a time and press while watching tv.  Right now I have all of the big flower petals ready for pressing and prepping so I will do that later today then continue on with the small flowers.  I am not doing the leaves this way too those will be needle turn as always.


I got some more fabric cut out for the POTC quilt (Patchwork of the Crosses) as I needed a little more variety.  I haven’t started to sew this one – #14, but I will later today sometime I’m sure.


Last night I quilted for about 1  1/2 hours on Joseph’s Coat as I had neglected the day before and didn’t quilt at all.  I would like to stick to the plan of trying to get this quilt finished by the beginning of September.

I got this much done yesterday – about half way across minus a little bit down on the end that I had done about 2 days ago.


This much across on this row to do today and maybe tomorrow?  I will need to find something interesting to watch as I am at the end of a show I have been watching – season 4 of Flashpoint – a Canadian cop drama that I like.  Guess I will be doing some searching through Netflix again.  Someone mentioned the series “The West Wing” I rarely ever watched that show when it was so maybe I will give it a try.


We are to be at 100+ degrees for the next 10 day outlook once again and little chances of rain –  107 is the forecast  today and the next 2 – yuk!! I will be inside most of the day – I woke up at 6:30 and it was already 81 degrees!!!!

It was no surprise that my Surprise Lilies opened so quickly – I imagine they will die quickly as well with this heat – a fern right next to it is struggling to stay alive as well.  I will not be surprised if they don’t put us back on water restrictions and I’m really surprised they had cancelled it when they did – we didn’t get that much rain last week.


I was surprised to see that the daylilies have been growing new growth – on the weekend I was raking away some of the dead dried up fronds and found new growth.  I don’t know how long this growth will last if we don’t get more rain.


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  • Jo Anne Bess Jul 19, 2012

    Yes, Kathy commented on her blog that it can be purchased from Glorious Color, Liza Prior Lucy’s website. Love your blog. You are so talented.

  • mrsmoore Jul 19, 2012

    The only place I know of in the U.S. is the website Glorious Color where it costs, you guessed it, 60.

  • Wanda Jul 19, 2012

    The book is available at Glorious Color.com for $60. Shipping shouldn’t be too high from them. I’m with you though, that price is a little high for a book.
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  • Astrid Jul 19, 2012

    Have you tried eBay? Gosh! No way I had paid 60 dollars for a quilting book! Good progress on your quilts, in spite the heat… 🙂 Lovely lilies. Here I can say it did not rain yesterday, so perhaps it is possible to do some gardening later today…
    Astrid recently posted…Table runners and placematsMy Profile

  • Haley Jul 20, 2012

    Last summer when Texas had record drought (100+ days of 100+*) we were able to still water with drip irrigation anytime and most cities had one day a week they could water at night. Is drip irrigation not a possibility with your established plants that you’d like to save? We pretty much ignored our lawn and it’s mostly come back this year. Watering the plants deeply once a week and piling old leaves around their bases helped keep in the moisture enough so they came back this year.
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