Ok readers – I have another layout for my Red and Green Applique Border.  Another idea Smile and opinions are welcome.

Keep in mind that all this is raw edge right now – needle turn will make everything smaller.  The yellow centers on the small flowers will be cut smaller and more in size for the smaller look.  I just didn’t get around to that yet.

Today’s version  #3– the corner flowers are still the same size but with no leaves on them – the border flowers are actually what was the center of the larger flowers.  Leaves are pointing towards the corner flowers.  To me it looks less busy because the flowers are smaller – what do you guys think?


The other versions:

#1 Big flowers – most agreed with me that it just didn’t quite look right – too busy, flowers too big.  Leaves by all flowers make them appear even larger.


#2 Less flowers, but the leaves still might make everything look too large and the flowers are all big


Ok so what do you all think?  I am think it is between version 2 and 3 right now but I still could change my mind – If anyone has a good border option something that they have seen and have a link to that might possibly fit this quilt better let me know.  I do not want anything fancy though or really complicated.   Smile I am ready for this quilt to be done!

12 Responses to “Another Border Design”

  1. I like this 3rd version the best.
    Liz recently posted…Happy deliveries today!My Profile

  2. Ok my opinion is I really like three with the smaller flowers along the border though I do miss the corner flowers with the leaves and other layers. So my suggestion is do #3 but in the corners do that more substantial with the leaves and the double layer flowers. LOL you had to ask!

  3. I think you’ve got a winner. #3!
    anina recently posted…Three Rows!My Profile

  4. I like #3 too. Have you considered a wavy vine?
    Vicki W recently posted…Design Wall MondayMy Profile

  5. Oh, you make this hard! I do think I like #3 best, though. I like the variety in color and size. The other two choices are a little too “regular,” I guess.

  6. Definitely #3!! It pulls aspects of the center motifs to the outer border in a wonderfully simple manner. It so perfectly frames all that is going on in the center portion! (Those are my opinions and I’m sticking to ‘em….hehe!)
    Doreen recently posted…A new family ‘member’……..My Profile

  7. I must be the odd ball tonight, but I like the first one.

  8. I like #2 best. I think the others take your eyes away from the beauty in the center, all of the blocks. I would like to see the flowers a little smaller and you said they will be when the seam allowance is turned under.
    Wanda recently posted…Choosing fabrics, cutting, wonkies again…..My Profile

  9. The flowers in the corners are double layer – my lighting might not have been right to show it.
    The straight vine stays – it is already sewed in place and I’m not unstitching it :)

  10. I think I do like #3 best, but #2 also. I wouldn’t turn out any of them!
    Mary LeClerc recently posted…Cuteness AlertMy Profile

  11. Definitely 3…… Just sayin’
    glen I Louisiana recently posted…The Statue Of LibertyMy Profile

  12. I vote #3 too!
    maybe think about smaller flowers in the corners vs bigger ones, otherwise, the larger flowers are taking the eye away from your BEAUTIFUL APPLIQUE BLOCKS!!!
    Otherwise, it is all great!
    Take care, Leslie
    Leslie recently posted…Travelling sure gives time to work on the BOMs!My Profile

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