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The only “quilting” I did yesterday was working on the applique.  I took a break from the other stuff.  I am thinking of making a simple patchwork with the jelly roll that I got but haven’t decided if I will – we’ll see – I’m not sure if I really want to start another project at this time or stick with the plan to continue just on the 3 going on right now – you all are real enablers though I must say – some of the notes I got LOL – start another, start another Smile what great friends you all are!

The area quilted – plus two more leaves since I took that photo!  moving along.


The point of a leaf – I thought I would try a applique needle once again – I have tried them before but they always feel too “long” to me being used to a tiny #11 between – this one is a Roxanne Applique needle – so far I actually like it and might continue to use it.


Needle turn up to the edge.


Clip off the point a little so there isn’t so much bulk.


“fold” the point under and take a stitch.


Using the needle (or however you want to do it) tuck the seam allowance under the line to form your point.  If you need to clip off more of the fabric to make the seam line thinner do so – most do this at 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch – I don’t measure it but go with what feels comfortable.


With needle turn applique you use the needle to kind of “sweep” the fabric under ahead of where you are working for a few stitches – stitch, then sweep more under and keep going.  Before you know it you quickly have a leaf finished.


After washing and drying – twice – the unbleached flannel that I got on my on line sale shopping spree last week my 3 yards and 8 inches of fabric shrunk to an even 3 yards of fabric.  I wasn’t sure what it would end to be but I am satisfied and think it has shrunk as much as it will.  I measured it after the first wash and dry and it had shrunk 7 inches! the second wash and dry it shrunk one more inch. So I think it is now save to use don’t you?  I don’t know if it shrunk in width – I didn’t think to take that measurement but right now it is 42 inches wide!  I would have thought that it would shrink there too but I think it looks about as wide as it started with, I wish I would have thought to measure that too.


And yes we continue to be hot and dry – 100+ temperatures are normal this summer it seems although we are lucky up here on the ridge and are normally a couple degrees cooler than those in the town – yesterday topped off at 99 degrees.  Maybe rain this afternoon? we need it for sure.  Another wild fire in Arkansas yesterday that caused the evacuation of the entire small town of Ola.  That town is about 30 miles south of me but only about 10 miles south of my friend Regina – I heard this morning that it is now contained and people were allowed to go back home thank goodness.

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  • Vera Jul 26, 2012

    I’m so enjoying your blog! Your applique looks very nice, I’ve never used an applique needle either but might give them a try now. It’s sort of funny (well not really) but after reading about your flannel shrinking 8 inches I realized that I did a quilt with some flannel for a Christmas gift and didn’t even preshrink it! Should have known better…Ooops. See what you are teaching your readers:>)

  • Doreen Jul 26, 2012

    With flannel I usually figure 3″/yd shrinkage, so your stats are in the ballpark. Rarely is there any width (weft) shrinkage. I haven’t used that type of needle. I usually use a fine “straw” needle. I do like its flexibility when doing that technique. Lovely pictures….very clear illustrations! Stay cool! Hugs, D
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  • Nedra Jul 26, 2012

    your applique looks perfect!
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  • Karen L. Jul 26, 2012

    I would have to agree with Doreen ….. nice photo/words tutorial for appliqueing up and around a point. It is very clear on exactly what you did. And look at those stitches? Or rather where are those stitches? I can hardly see them in the photo. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you do nice work. I am definitely going to try your gluing method when I get back to the applique piece I chucked in the closet when I got frustrated with it. I think I would be more inclined to carry on with it if I did it that way. Extremely hot here in NC also (100 or more) so like you, I am staying it …. except for when the dogs need to be walked. Ugh!

  • Karen Jul 26, 2012

    thanks Doreen I think the flannel will know be ok to use.
    thanks all on the applique cudo’s – I love sharing how easy it can be – some think it is harder than it looks.

  • regina chronister Jul 26, 2012

    we were getting nervous, the wind took it the other way, people were luckey could have even been worse.

  • Vivian Jul 26, 2012

    Well, we finally got a good rain this evening. Every once in awhile I would stop quilting and listen. It was so unusual hearing the rain coming down.
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