More Flower Sets & How to Peel Cooked Potatoes Fast!

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Yesterday I got a lot done on the flower sets for the Red and Green quilt but I still need to make about 5 or 6 more sets.  I need to add them up later on today and check – then get busy finishing them up.  These are the ones I got made up yesterday along with another stack of leaves.  I’m almost ready to start glue basting to the quilt but not quite!  I still have to make the yellow circles for the flowers as well.  I could start without them and just might do that and add them later – I will see what I feel like doing in the next day or two.


I finished block #11 for the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt – this one took awhile just because I hadn’t been working on it much the last couple of days.  I need to look through fabric and see what else to cut up for the little pieces in this quilt to go with others already cut out.  Some that I thought would look good together don’t when I lay them out – I might need to mix some solid colors in with more of them in order to use the pieces already cut.


It is always hard to get a good picture of Joseph’s Coat while it is on the frame because the frame is 10 feet 8 inches long – that info is for the person who asked how much space does it take up in the room Smile and it is 3 feet wide.  The frame takes up one whole wall in my skinny sewing room.  I raised my arms above my head and tried to get a picture of the whole thing and still didn’t get it all!  The blue colors and some of the greens that I did last are now showing up in the right side corner – I thought it would be much longer before I saw them, I have now been quilting about 5 weeks on this quilt and I am about 1/3 of the way done with it – about 40 hours of quilting so far!


Looking out my window here at the computer I am beginning to see some green grass growing once again.  We have rain chances still for all week but much less than what it had been – maybe we will get more – wait and see I guess.

Here is a video I saw yesterday on how to peel potatoes quickly and easily for potato salad – you remember Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) from Gilligan’s Island? Well here she is 30 years later or however many years it has been since that silly show was out.

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