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Thank you all so much for your opinions on the border for the Red and Green quilt. (on yesterdays post)  I should have mentioned that the size of the flowers will be less than they are shown.  I have a 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around the flowers for needle turn applique – sometimes you would be amazed at how much smaller that can make them.  I like the second choice as well with less flowers as the majority of you say you like.  I might cut the flowers down just a little bit, but it wouldn’t be by much.  Embroidery as one mentions – maybe a little bit but I doubt much.  I do have embroidery scattered about on the individual blocks so it wouldn’t be out of place.

I finished one  block yesterday and started another.  Block #12 I believe.


And this one will be #13


On the gardening front – our recent week of several rain showers has helped so much.  But it was a bit late for some plants.  this bed normally has Lilies, Queen Anne’s lace and Clematis on the trellis’s.  there is one lone Yucca plant that grew in here some how – I didn’t put it there!  Some iris’s are still green – all the lilies died back most likely will come back next year.  It was just too far from the house to carry water to when we were on restrictions.


I have a couple surprise lilies that surprised me this morning when I noticed they had popped out of the ground.  A lot of things in this bed look dead – what will come back is beyond me, I had not gotten this bed completely filled up so it looks like more planting in the spring on this one.


Here is a larger photo and you can see what I mean – the ferns look dead, some hostas on the end will come back, most of the green you see is some ground cover that made it.


The area that has green plants is were I concentrated pouring the dish pan and shower water on for the restricted water use time that we had.  The two big shade trees stayed green Smile and the shade plants survived with my little extra water I was able to pour on them.  I had to concentrate on what was close to the house as I wasn’t going to carry heavy dish pans of water far.


The grass type of plant I refer to as “monkey grass” I don’t know the proper name for it.  The vines? It has been so long since I planted this stuff – it stayed green which is what I hoped for.  At times it was pretty limp though.


You can see in this photo that it is some distance to the far side of the yard to water that big bed which is why I pretty much let it go.  I will think about what to do with those beds as they will need to be redone.  I just don’t know how much work I want to do with them at this point.


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  • Tim Latimer Jul 15, 2012

    arent plants amazing….they lasted through the heat and drought….I know those day lilies will come back next year…and I bet the clematis will too. Love the border you have been working on and stuffing the yellow circles is inspired!
    Tim Latimer recently posted…the 70′s revisitedMy Profile

  • Charlotte Jul 16, 2012

    So glad you got some rain! We didn’t get but a shower like an old woman’s dance: short and sweet. 😉 My flower beds are all brown; I’m thinking of cutting off the daylilies, but maybe the dead fronds help to hold what little moisture they have.

    The POTC blocks are pretty and coming right along aren’t they!

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