Raining Again


For the third time in the last 36 hours or so we have rain, thunder and lightening.  In fact one of those spells of lightening had me jump it was so loud!  May I say without jinxing anything that maybe our drought is slowly on it’s way out of here – although of course this rain is coming down fast – I wish it would slow down a little so it could soak in more!


Looking over to the Dogwood tree that I have been watering carefully with it’s ration of dishwater and shower water!  You should see the other two – not a green leaf on them.


This shade garden too has been kept alive with shower and dishwater – as you can see on the ground though nothing but dead little pieces of grass. After the rain yesterday though maybe it was my imagination but I was seeing a little green here and there.


We have gotten about a half an inch of rain already in the last half an hour – I’m doing a little happy dance – now I guess I better get back to quilting – but I’m having a hard time not looking at the rain Smile

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  • Karen L. Jul 10, 2012

    So glad to hear you are having some rain. Seems like all over the country it is either raining too much or not enough. My nearest town had a deluge last night and there was flooding in a number of places. My house got a mere sprinkle! Boy do we need rain badly but like you said, it would be nice if it was a gentle rain and stayed around for a few days. OK, so now I am going back to read over your last post to again find out how you applique using glue. I have a project that I think this would work so well for.

  • Marie Jul 10, 2012

    That rain looks glorious! It would certainly break the heatwave we are having. If and when you’ve had enough, please send it my way. Thanks. 😉
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  • Vicki Jul 10, 2012

    Good for the rain! We’re getting some here, too, and it’s a little cooler:)
    Vicki recently posted…Odds and endsMy Profile

  • Doreen Jul 10, 2012

    Still waiting for some of that moisture here. On the verge of a ‘drought’ declaration. Although the temps will be hovering around 90F this week, next week it’s supposed to be HOT! Will definitely be a test of the A/Cs.
    Doreen recently posted…Quilt/Road trip…….My Profile

  • Nedra Jul 10, 2012

    Nedra recently posted…The Great Granny AlongMy Profile

  • Vivian Jul 10, 2012

    I was about two miles from the first Russellville exit coming back from Little Rock when the big pour down started. You can bet I chose to get off of that exit. Sat in the parking lot outside of Belk’s until it slowed enough to enter the store.

    I got home and the cat bowl was dry so–needless to say–we didn’t get any today. 🙁

  • Astrid Jul 11, 2012

    That looks like a wonderful shower! I love to watch the rain too, especially when we get those heavy downpours. I hope it does wonder for your plants.
    Astrid recently posted…Birthday quilt progress and a finishMy Profile

  • Debbe Jul 12, 2012

    Rain Glorious Rain! We have a 40-60% of rain everyday for the next 5 days and we really need it too.
    Debbe recently posted…Test Kitchen TuesdayMy Profile

  • Gari Jul 12, 2012

    Funny that we both posted pictures of rain. And isn’t it wonderful?
    Gari recently posted…Singing in the RainMy Profile

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