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Two projects to talk about today but first – MORE RAIN!! – we had another 1/2 inch last night and as I wandered over the yard close to the house this morning I found all of my pails and containers full of water once again.  I will deal with all the water off and on today.  Mike is working long hours and so this is my job to deal with.  Actually the yard is normally my chore to deal with as well LOL as I am the one interested in it! But I am not a really physically strong person so it takes awhile to get these things done –  Yesterday the dogwood tree nearest the house won out for the water collected and got 20 gallons of water slowly trickled in the ground.  This was done by placing 2-5 gallon pails with tiny holes drilled through the bottoms so the water would slowly soak into the soil and filling them up twice. I used what water was left to give to the big shade tree in the center of the yard – I have to make sure that tree doesn’t die!   You get creative when you have a drought.  We have two wheelbarrows and they even went into use collecting water Smile.  But enough on my water woes.  On to quilting.

Yesterday I made progress on the applique shapes for the Red and Green Traditional Applique quilt that I started several years ago.  For those that have followed my progress on this quilt you know only the border are left to do on this all applique quilt.  I got started cutting some of the large flowers that will go on the border.  I haven’t an exact amount of flowers needed but I think there will be 5 flowers on each side – a total of 16 flowers I think because you don’t count the corner flowers twice – 5 flowers down the right and left side – leaving 3 more on the top and bottom borders.

I match up two colors I want together.  (I re-did my freezer paper yesterday as I mentioned in that post) I have my seam line drawn on with chalk pencil.


Roxanne glue baste it for fabric–  I put little glue dots on my smaller petal.


I then fix it in place on the larger petal to make a set.  Everyone seems to do their applique their own way –  I never want to tell someone how applique has to be done! I am not the quilt police and I do not like quilt police Smile in my little quilting world we all do how we want to do and what works for us!


Each flower has 4 petal sets.  Here is one laying on the table  so you can see what it will be like.  The mylar center piece just sitting there so you can see there will be a center circle added still – I think yellow as the quilt has a little bit of yellow and pink scattered throughout to break up the red and green that are the main dominate color in the quilt. When I applique the pieces on the quilt I will applique the big piece first then carefully cut out the excess backing fabric that it is appliqued to then applique the smaller petal and cut out excess fabric from the back of it.  I don’t always cut out fabric from the back, but when it is big pieces I do so that I can put a little quilting in these petals without the thickness of 3 fabrics to go though.  I will show what I mean when I get to the actual applique.


Leaves are cut out as well, I have used a variety of green as the red is also from a variety of fabric.  The whole quilt has many shades and prints of red and green in it.  The colors will be scattered throughout.  I might need more leaves cut, I haven’t decided if I will use the layout the pattern shows for the leaves – I might put them in a different arrangement.  The border I selected in this book is more for getting my imagination working then anything else – it is hard for me to come up with something on my own but when I see a photo then I can start designing from that and change something more to my liking.


I have had several questions on the Joseph’s Coat quilt concerning how many rows are in the quilt and how am I counting them  Smile – yes it seems as though there are more than 10 rows in this quilted – I had stated the other day that I have 3 of the 10 rows quilted.  This is how I am counting the rows—I have placed two rulers here on the quilt indicating the “wagon wheel” type shape on the ends of the sides of the quilt.  This is what I am counting as a “row”.  This is just because I felt like counting them this way LOL.


Now if you want to get really picky I guess you could say this is a “row” instead – see the ruler placement in the photo below.  This area is how much I can reach all the way across before I roll it down to do more.  So one could say I have 20 rows in the quilt or the 10 as shown above.  Either way I have 3 of 10 or 6 of 20 completed!


The area I am currently working on which I hope to complete today.


So I guess I better get my day going and get off of the computer!!

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  • Charlotte Jul 10, 2012

    Your reds are gorgeous!
    Happy for your new 1/2 inch rainfall! We had six tenths and felt blessed to get it!

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