Scenes From a Near By Fire


Yesterday there was a fire about 20 miles from us.  As I have told you all it is very dry here.  Today Mike and I drove over to the area to see how close it had been to us.  A new report just out says 500+ acres burned, I had originally thought it was about 15 miles from us but I do believe it was closer to 20.

Mainly this is forested area with some farm land here and there.


How the leaves on these trees didn’t just light up and burn is beyond me – they are so dried up – this is what we are seeing on trees around here.


Today we got some more 5 gallon buckets and Mike drilled a couple tiny holes in them and we put them around the Redbud and Dogwood trees.  I will fill them up in the morning and/or evening and see if we can save those trees – I love decorative trees these are not real close to the house so it is hard to try to keep up with them.  The small dogwood by the house I put a water sprinkler on it barely turned on so it will drip overnight on it and it is staying ok although I need to do that again tonight as the leaves are drooping.  I do it about once a week.  I want to conserve – but they have not told us that we can do no watering so I think it is still ok to do a little of this – if they come out and say no outside watering at all then I will stop.

Did you all have a good 4th?  I must admit to doing hardly anything at all!  We had a picnic meal inside! it was too hot to cook outside I thought – it was just the two of us anyhow.

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  • glen I Louisiana Jul 4, 2012

    That is so scary to have the fires so close. I am glad we only have hurricanes!

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  • Pip Jul 5, 2012

    Not pleasant to have the fires nearby, do you have a bushfire plan in place, just in case. When we had water restrictions a year or so ago, we were only allowed to water using a hose between certain hours, outside those hours you could water as much as you like but could only use a watering can, the powers that be figured that most people wouldn’t want to spend time filling a watering can over and over. A lot of trees really suffered in the heat with the lack of water but the majority of them survived and are doing well now.
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  • Karen Jul 5, 2012

    no Pip can’t really say I have plan in place – if we would have to evacuate for a fire we do have the motor home gassed up and near the house. I guess I would just toss in as much as I could given time and would take off – that way instead of a shelter we could stay in it.

  • Nedra Jul 5, 2012

    Filling 5 gallon buckets sounds like a great idea for saving a tree during a drought. I will have to remember that tip.
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