Saturday, August 11, 2012

I hadn’t blogged about Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses for awhile so I thought seeing as I just finished block #16 it was time to lay it all out and see what it was looking like.

Block #16


I thought when laying out the 16 blocks that it would be nice to put some fabric behind the blocks to see what it would kind of look like when joined.  I picked out this pretty aqua batik for this but that doesn’t mean it will be the fabric I will use when joining the blocks – it is just what I used for now.  The big intersection between the blocks will most likely be two colors but the small blocks – see the openings for 4 small squares? those will be one color.  This is not the finished color placement – just for now.  This is about 48 inches square right now with the border it would be more like 52 inch square I think.  Right now I am aiming for 25 blocks for 5 rows by 5 rows and then I will decide if it gets bigger that would make a 60 inch quilt plus border – maybe 65 inches?  I haven’t actually sat down and figured out how many more inches the border brings the quilt to.  It is possible that I will go for larger – making it bed size, but at this point there are so many more quilts I want to make that I am not sure.


To finish off the sides and corners of the quilts this is what a corner block would look like – this is from the book.  This might give you a better idea of what it would look like finished.


Block #17 is laid out and ready to begin work.


Today when watering the ferns I found that I now have 2 tree frogs residing in one of the porch ferns – they sure make a lot of noise at times.  They are getting so tame they let me “pet” them without moving.   It was so nice again today – topping off at 87 today and low humidity.  I do not want to jinx anything by saying maybe the heat wave has broken, but it is what I am hoping for.



Yesterday I visited my mom a little more than two hours away from me.  We had a good day and the weather was a nice typical summer day for a change with a high on only 85 there – we spent the afternoon at the outside mall wandering in and out of shops – it was nice to be out and not bake!

Last night I got a little quilting done on Joseph’s Coat – not a lot but a little is better than none.


I also worked a little on the Lucy Boston block that I have currently been working on for the past two weeks! Can’t believe I have neglected that so long after I had been making them so quickly.  I might work more on that one later today and then show it –  On quilts that I know will take a long time to make like this one I tend to put in a lot of work at first then slack off.  It will be done one day.  I haven’t even decided yet how big it will end up being.  If I get really tired of making it then it will be couch size for sure!

Today though is nice outside for the moment so I am heading back out!

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