Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Project — hmmm

by Karen on August 16, 2012

in quilts

I recently came across a photo that was on a blog of a quilt that was made in the 1860’s – it is hanging in a museum in England I believe.  A lady in Australia is making a replica of it and has drafted patterns.  It is beautiful, complicated and calling my name Smile only problem is the price!!  Maybe it is normal in Australia to charge such high prices for quilt patterns? I don’t know I have never seen any priced so high here in the states.  I notice the price for magazines and a quilt book recently are very high in Australia also compared to here in the states.

The site the pattern is on is called Carolyn’s Quilting Room the quilt is the second one listed called the “Marriage Quilt.”  Here is a photo of it – this is a photo of the original quilt so I feel that it is ok to put a picture here without permission.  Check out Carolyn’s blog – she does beautiful work and the quilts on her blog amaze me – beautiful work!


If you look at the link above to purchase the pattern only you do so as a BOM, it is offered at $30 a month plus postage for 2 years – comes with a hefty price tag of $720.00 plus the shipping and handling from Australia (if you pay for the fabric kit/patterns it is just under $1000.00).  Now I know she is making the patterns and that is a lot of work – but isn’t that kind of high?  Do you ladies in Australia always pay these kind of prices?  The price I paid for the Dear Jane book which contains patterns is a replica of the original quilt wasn’t anything near that price – I think I paid about $28.00 for it.  (I just used a price conversion scale and if I figured it out right that Australian price for the patterns converted to US dollars would bring it up close to $760.00)

I think I might try my hand at drafting patterns and come up with my own version of this sometime – maybe I will start to try my hand at it soon Smile  one can never tell.  I would change some of it as I don’t care for the hearts on some of those borders and have a different type of Mariner’s Compass in the center.

Now I don’t want to start an argument or anything – I’m just saying that is priced too high for me – what about you all out there – would you pay that much for a set of patterns? Do very many of you overseas pay this much for patterns?  I’m I just plain cheap!!  Smile