Monday, August 20, 2012

I decided to put four of the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses blocks together to see what it would look like.  After cursing at the tiny 1 inch connecting blocks many times and taking numerous breaks I finally have it finished!  I had to remind myself several times that I am making this quilt because I love hand piecing and how much of a stress reducer it is Smile Now that I have done these 4 squares I really and truly do not think this quilt will be any where near a queen size quilt.  Those little connectors are a big pain in the behind!!  The were hard enough to do by hand but you know I do not know how anyone could do them by machine, you have to turn it this way and that – constantly!!  I am pretty sure this will be no larger than a couch size – for sure.  I will have to make sure that I continue to add these blocks one at a time so I don’t have to do them all at once one after another or I will have another Insanity quilt!


Other than this above photo I worked on the 4th border of the Red and Green Applique quilt and I’m pleased to say I am nearing the end.  One more red flower and about 5 or 6 leaves to go and it will be done and stacked in the “to be quilted pile”.

I did no quilting on the X Marks the Spot quilt nor on Joseph’s Coat.  I will try to work in some time on those this week – but I really want to finish the applique first and say one more top is done.

So how did your weekend go – did you accomplish much? I was outside a lot in between working on the above block.