Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Book

by Karen on August 21, 2012

in quilts

I have gotten several new quilting books recently but the one I want to share is by Michele Hill – “More of William Morris Applique” – if you are into applique you might want to check this one out.


Beautiful photos in this book, nice big pull out patterns – it will be a hard choice as to what I want to make first out of this book.

Another item that came with this package of books (from Connecting Threads) was a new little notion (new to me) Needle Grip- It, soft little circles to put on your fingers to help you pull the needle through.


I had never used them, I thought I would try them out as they were not expensive.  They are soft and the product works, it says you can leave them on through light hand washing even.  I found though that they are not reusable and that is a must for me – you can’t take them off and then try to stick back to your fingers – they fall off shortly afterwards.  They do come in a package of 70 but you really need to put them on two fingers for it to work right.  That means one package is only last 35 days – if you don’t take them off – I would be using them just about every day – I don’t know if I will buy more, I will see how much I enjoy using them.


I finished my Red and Green applique quilt borders.  I will try to get a good photo of the quilt on Friday morning at quilt group.  I don’t know if the quilt is finished though.  It is possible that I will add a little embroidery here and there as I do have some as accents in the quilt blocks.  It isn’t like I will be quilting this in the near future any how so I might do that over the next year or so when I feel like it.