Wednesday, August 29, 2012

X Marks the Spot

by Karen on August 29, 2012

in quilts

Progress on X Marks the Spot.  Hard to get photos of quilting though, I find it really hard to get the quilting to show up in photos!  Right now I would say 12 out of 49 X’s are quilted so moving along.  I have not been working on this as much as I would like to though.  I have been in more of a reading mode I guess.  I normally quilt while watching tv and as we had such a long hot summer I got a lot of quilting done on Joseph’s Coat in June & July and by time August got here I was so totally bored with tv that I have not been watching much and therefore not getting much done on quilting this month.



I am not putting a lot of quilting in on this quilt.  When I get done if it looks like it needs more I will outline around the X’s but only if it looks like it really needs it.