A Little More on the X Quilt


I have been working several hours a day I guess on the X quilt since Saturday I guess or maybe it was Friday that I started to cut up the fabric.  It is moving along fairly nicely – the tape idea is working out really well for keeping the pieces lined up – one problem only that I have found with it is that the tape doesn’t always stick really well when taking off the design wall, I have had to press the tape back on some pieces as I am removing from the design wall.

As you can see more than half way finished with this part of the quilt!  there is a border for this quilt as well – I believe you just call the piano keyboard?


Last week at Wal-Mart I  found a nice little plastic box to keep my threads and stitching supplies in for the Red and Green Applique quilt.  I normally use little cosmetic bags or something along that line but when I saw this – I knew it was for me – and it was under $5.00 I believe Smile always a nice bargain.  It is small and flat – as you can see you can line up thread on one side and tools on the other – or all thread in the one I am currently using and tools in the other one. 


Clip together and you are set.


Or just the one I am using at this time:


This cute little set up goes by the name “snapware” and I found it in the area near the luggage where the large containers are stored – they have some small pieces there as well – I thought I would find it near the kitchen items but no – over by the luggage.  It you have The Container Store I bet you can find one there also or something like it.

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