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I recently came across a photo that was on a blog of a quilt that was made in the 1860’s – it is hanging in a museum in England I believe.  A lady in Australia is making a replica of it and has drafted patterns.  It is beautiful, complicated and calling my name Smile only problem is the price!!  Maybe it is normal in Australia to charge such high prices for quilt patterns? I don’t know I have never seen any priced so high here in the states.  I notice the price for magazines and a quilt book recently are very high in Australia also compared to here in the states.

The site the pattern is on is called Carolyn’s Quilting Room the quilt is the second one listed called the “Marriage Quilt.”  Here is a photo of it – this is a photo of the original quilt so I feel that it is ok to put a picture here without permission.  Check out Carolyn’s blog – she does beautiful work and the quilts on her blog amaze me – beautiful work!


If you look at the link above to purchase the pattern only you do so as a BOM, it is offered at $30 a month plus postage for 2 years – comes with a hefty price tag of $720.00 plus the shipping and handling from Australia (if you pay for the fabric kit/patterns it is just under $1000.00).  Now I know she is making the patterns and that is a lot of work – but isn’t that kind of high?  Do you ladies in Australia always pay these kind of prices?  The price I paid for the Dear Jane book which contains patterns is a replica of the original quilt wasn’t anything near that price – I think I paid about $28.00 for it.  (I just used a price conversion scale and if I figured it out right that Australian price for the patterns converted to US dollars would bring it up close to $760.00)

I think I might try my hand at drafting patterns and come up with my own version of this sometime – maybe I will start to try my hand at it soon Smile  one can never tell.  I would change some of it as I don’t care for the hearts on some of those borders and have a different type of Mariner’s Compass in the center.

Now I don’t want to start an argument or anything – I’m just saying that is priced too high for me – what about you all out there – would you pay that much for a set of patterns? Do very many of you overseas pay this much for patterns?  I’m I just plain cheap!!  Smile

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  • Helen Aug 16, 2012

    Hi Karin,
    When I saw the price I though you might have used the wrong currency calculator :). But $30 AUD is $31.50 USD. So I agree a 2 year BOM wil cost you about $755 USD. Hopefully you can buy just the pattern and buy the fabrics in the states. From experience, the fabrics are cheaper in America. I buy my civil war repro’s online from your country for my DJ. A fat-quarter costs about $5.50 USD (€4.50) in the Netherlands, sometimes even more. So count yourself lucky that quilting is still affordable in the states. Happy Quilting.
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  • jojo Aug 16, 2012

    Gulp — $720 for a pattern is beyond my comprehension. I had to read that paragraph three times! Personally, I would never pay that kind of money even if I were the lucky person that won the megamillion jackpot last night. With your talent, I would bet (if I were a betting person) that you could design your own version and it would be wonderful.

  • Ann-Mari Duffy Aug 16, 2012

    I understand your points, you are used to US prices! I live in Norway, and prices are even higher here than in Australia. We pay about $25-30 per meter of fabric. Books and pattern are priced from $ 20- 70. I do make most of my purchases from online shops in USA!!! But I do support my local quiltshop.

    I too love that quilt. You can read more about it on Barbara Brackman`s Material Culture, she did a great post about it earlier this spring.
    I am following a BOM from a aussie girl called Karen Cunningham at She charges less for her pattern than the one your are refering to.

    Other that is making their versions of the quilt is Kate at empty- fields., and Mary Jenkins at ( she is making her with Liberty of London fabrics, and she is making the pattern herself) she has a blog just for that quilt, it is called thecottageornè

    All of the above are making stunning quilts, and are a big inspiration to me.
    Hope you will jump in to it too. I have not started yet, I have other projects to finish first.

    Have fun quilting:-)
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  • Tina Aug 16, 2012

    WOW-that is pricey in my opinion. I have paid what I think is a lot for BOM programs in the US, but nothing like that. I am certain you can draft something like this-it would be fun to take a different approach and use this one as an idea generator.

    Good luck! Love the quilt!

  • Judi Aug 16, 2012

    I agree with you – that’s crazy expensive. I love some of the block of the month quilts out there but never can make myself do it since I know I could buy fabric on my own and come out way cheaper – and those are the “cheaper” block of the month quilts! I’m very thrifty though, and like you I rarely buy fabric unless it’s on sale. I usually use patterns that are either free online or under $10. I just can’t spend that kind of money on a hobby.
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  • audrey Aug 16, 2012

    Nope. I won’t pay that much and more importantly I just can’t! Lovely quilt though. I’ve looked at it and drooled over it several times.:)

  • Cathi Aug 16, 2012

    It’s a beautiful quilt, no question, but that price is hard to believe! I wouldn’t pay that for a pattern no matter how much I liked the quilt.
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  • Nedra Aug 16, 2012

    ah…that would be a big NO.
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  • Debra Aug 17, 2012

    For $760 I would expect to buy the entire quilt already made. It is lovely but I am sure there are others out there, that are just as pretty or as you say you could draft your own.
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  • Caron Mosey Aug 17, 2012

    I’m just plain cheap, but that price is ridiculously insane! I wouldn’t ever be able to justify that. I very, very rarely purchase patterns unless they are embroidered designs. And then, if I can find something I like better on the Internet and print it out from there, that’s what I’ll do. I know quilt instructors who promote and sell different items when they travel to teach, but honestly, I don’t do that because I seldom buy sewing supplies other than thread and needles. I use what’s inexpensive that will do the trick… call me frugal!
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  • Doreen Aug 17, 2012

    Interesting post. I recently (canNOT remember where) came across a BOM that was for 1&1/2 yrs at $69 / month PLUS S&H!!!!! That was a US offering, too! Very complex and beautiful and the most I’ve ever seen!! We are so blest with reasonable prices here in the US and, most of the time, really don’t realize it, even with the recent rise in $$$. I am sure you could draft something similar…..really! The you really would be able to say it was YOUR quilt!!!!!! Happy dreaming, planning, etc!
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