I Won


Lucky me I won a give away over at Judi’s Green Fairy.  A delightful bundle of 40 fat eight’s of this packet here shown.  Somehow even though I have been resisting starting something new I think I am destined to start something quick and easy to add to the pile of quilt tops waiting in line.  I say something quick and easy because I have more difficult patterns waiting in line and there are just so many challenges a person wants to take on.

Today I will get some quilting books out and start looking for a quick easy pattern to make.  These hot summer days have been making a lot of us stay inside more than what we normally do and we have to keep busy and keep boredom at bay.  It just might be time to get the featherweight out, give it a cleaning and set to work – I haven’t given it a work out in sometime after all and had been using the Janome now and then this year while the featherweight was tucked away in it’s bag.  With 3 hand projects going on right now it is time to start a machine piecing project instead – maybe something that would look good with straight line machine quilting on it and do something quickly for a change?

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