Joseph’s Coat

quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

One reason I started a new quilt a couple days ago by machine was because I really felt like I needed to take a break from hand quilting and hand piecing for just a little bit.  I love those two things but we all need a break now and then don’t we.  I could tell the last several weeks I was loosing interest in my quilting of Joseph’s Coat after 8 weeks of steady work on it – it was beginning to feel like something I had to do not wanted to do.  I started the quilting on June 2 and have put in just under 67 hours of quilting on it now.

Last night determined to finish one more row I sat and quilted for an hour and yes – one more row finished – 6 out of 10 rows are now quilted (I count the big curve on the sides as a row)!  this is the area finished last night.


Greens which were the last colors pieced on this quilt are now in view – in fact almost the finish of the quilt is in view – that is row number nine up there at the top of the quilting frame.


By holding the camera way up above my head and pointing down I was able to get just about the whole quilting frame into this photo – this is what you can now see on the frame.  I will try to get in a little bit of quilting every day but I know I am moving a little slower and most likely well until the end is in sight and then I will move more rapidly once again.  It will be nice to know that I will have hand quilted two queen size quilts this year!  I will have time to quilt one of the smaller quilts as well on the frame this year – that will be a big accomplishment.  By pushing myself to get my hand quilting done I will have quilted more than I normally do as usually a queen size takes me about 10 months to quilt.


Now I need to get ready to go to the dentist as I have a old filling that cracked and needs to be taken out and a new one put in – oh joy! Don’t you just love to go to the dentist Sad smile  I find the last year I have had more dental work done than in the previous 5 years! It all seemed to hit at once – I know I will need more of these old fillings taken care of soon and think this will be something to do over the next several years.

I will get back to machine piecing the X quilt this afternoon.  What are you working on today?

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  • The granddaughter got all 48 of her bricks stitched to the stones and I pressed them for her yesterday. Today, she is breaking beans for me and I’m going to shell purple hull peas and can tomatoes. Not much sewing today unless it’s later this afternoon. Tomorrow we’ll stitch the bricks into rows. Hope to have her wall hanging finished when she leaves Sunday.

    I’m going through the same thing with my fillings. Need to call the dentist and knowing someone else is suffering through this gave me the incentive…. Gee, thanks, Karen!!! LOL………

  • Marianne Aug 6, 2012

    My dentist calls my fillings “tired” and replaces them as needed. He told me the technology has really not changed since they were put in in the 1950’s. Imagine!

    I know what you mean about taking a break after concentrating on one project. I feel the same way. Just shuffled around my pizza boxes and am planning to work on a back for a quilt I finished a few weeks ago. Then go to the longarmer later in the week. Good to get a project out of the house!

  • Doreen Aug 6, 2012

    Your progress is amazing! I know I wouldn’t be able to do that much hand work any more. Am so thankful for the machine techniques that are out there now! Applique and needle felting have taken the place of the hand quilting/piecing these days. Always a joy to see what you’ve been up to!! Blessings, D
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  • Amanda Aug 10, 2012

    I am amazed every time I see this quilt. It is one of my favorites for sure. You hand quilting just makes it even more beautiful and amazing to me!
    LOVE IT!!!
    Amanda recently posted…Great Granny Table TopperMy Profile

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