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Seeing as we have no quilt shop near by I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to see if I could find some fusible as I didn’t have any.  I wanted to try out the William Morris type of applique.  I traced out a flower from one of the patterns onto the fusible and transferred it to a piece of fabric.  Plenty of embroidery thread in one of the boxes in the sewing room but no Perle Cotton which I want to try.  The fusible was a little heavier than I would want to use but around here there is not much to choose from.  When I get around to doing one of the quilts from this book I will need to order some of the lightest weight fusible they have as what I had was a little tough going through.  Is there a really lightweight fusible called Soft Shades or something like that? I will need to do a search.

I’m not sure what the difference is between Perle Cotton and regular embroidery thread?  I used 3 strands which might have been one strand too many of my regular embroidery thread.  I have embroidered a lot in past years but very little in recent years.  The buttonhole stitch came back to me rather quickly.

My practice flower:


Now I am off to Little Rock today – a scheduled check up with my rheumatologist and then lunch and shopping with my daughter and son-in-law that live near by there.  I don’t have a lot of plans for the day – not much of a shopper as I have said – I will see what they want to do when I meet up with them.  I wish it was going to be a cool day as we have had a few here and there but of course it is supposed to be mid-90’s Sad smile

The finger is feeling better and healing a bit already thanks for all the kind thoughts and the sharing of rotary cutter horror stories! One e mail I received mentioned you should always wear shoes when cutting – shoes! I hadn’t thought of that – I guess a dropped rotary cutter in the on position caused some major foot damage – that is a big ouch!!

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  • Doreen Aug 23, 2012

    Not bad result! There are so many new fusibles out there right now that are the light weight….a “search engine” will direct you quite well. I like perle cotton because it’s easy to work with, does come in a lot of colors (although it may be harder to find in colors other than black as not as many quilt shops carry the wools anymore) and has a shine to it (more than my embroidery thread). Have a good day……does sound like another ‘toasty’ one!
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  • Reese Aug 23, 2012

    I use Soft Shades and I love it. Its very light and makes your applique extremely soft.

  • Nedra Aug 23, 2012

    Glad to know the finger is feeling a little better. Have a great day in Little Rock.
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  • Heather Aug 23, 2012

    maybe your thinking of ‘soft fuse’???

  • Alberta Price Aug 23, 2012

    rotary cutters dropped on feet can cause major damage… one friend of mine almost lost her toe due to a rotary cutter accident and another friend I believe lost half of her foot due to dropping a rotary cutter on her foot and then ignoring it resulting in a major infection, so yes, wear shoes.

  • Flo Aug 23, 2012

    your little flower is so pretty! Great effect with the stitching!
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  • Debbe Aug 23, 2012

    I like to use wonder under. I think it is fairly light weight.
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  • Mary LeClerc Aug 23, 2012

    Remember to “window” your fusible too and it wont’ be as stiff. I don’t do a lot of fusible applique but when I do I use Steam a Seam Lite
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  • Alison Aug 23, 2012

    A lovely flower for practice!

    Perle cotton is usually used for Hardanger embroidery, it is sold in balls in a good range of colours. It is not stranded. Perhaps if you type it into Google images you will see a photo to give you more of an idea.

    I am keen to hear of your progress on whichever gorgeous project you choose. Michele’s first book is delightful as well. Check out The Book Depository as it was on sale recently.

  • Dawn Cooper Aug 23, 2012

    “Mistyfuse” is a very light weight sheer fusible & hardly can be felt after fusing.

  • Tim Latimer Aug 23, 2012

    looks like you are right on with the buttonhole stitch….the sample looks great
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  • Miriam Aug 23, 2012

    Great work with your buttonhole stitch.

    Perle thread comes as a single strand. Perle 8 is the most common and comes in a rainbow of colours. It is not quite as thick as the full 6 strands of embroidery floss. Perle 12 is finer and I have another similar DMC product called DMC 50 which is finer again. The Perle threads also have a visible “twist” in them.

    I have used Steam a Seam Lite on some small machine applique projects.
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  • Gorgeous! I use Steam a seam lite for fusible applique (more pliable than Steam a Seam or Bondaweb which are the only other fusible webs I’ve used) and I love it!

    Perle isn’t stranded and has more of a sheen than stranded cotton and I’ve recently discovered you can get it in a 12 as well as 8, 3 and 5 – I’m going to try the 12 for hand quilting…one day! Another nice thread to try is Gutermann Sulky cotton 30 which has a subtle sheen and stitches nicely. Silk thread (again, I use Gutermann) is fabulous for applique (needle turn and fusible) as it’s really fine and strong and you can create a really small/fine buttonhole stitch which works well with more complex shapes and it comes in lots of colours – I’ve seen a Morris inspired cushion appliqued with silk thread (and fusible web) and it’s stunning!

    I hope your finger gets better soon – sounds nasty!
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  • Teresa Rawson Aug 24, 2012

    Nice job on the flower…I would say you are ready to go on that project! I hope your finger returns to normal soon!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)
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