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Yes I do sew sometimes with a machine = I am LOL at some e mails I got when I said I was going to use my sewing machine to piece a top – I guess a lot of you new to my blog thought I only did hand work.  People were shocked! Yes I have two sewing machines!  Granted they are in their storage bags for a good part of the year but I do take them out now and then and do a machine pieced top – I have machine quilted straight lines on a table topper and two couch size quilts.  Did I feel satisfied and happy – no – but I got them done fast so I guess that was a plus.

I have a Janome Jem Platinum 720 which has about 20 stitches or so and I rarely use more than the straight stitch – I have had it for about 6 or more years I guess, I had a crappy low end Brother before that from Wal-Mart that rarely worked.  I also have a Singer Featherweight from 1953 – it is a year younger than I am!  And it considered an antique – I hope that doesn’t mean that at almost 60 years old that makes me one too Sad smile  The featherweight has not been used since last year so I thought it was time to take it out to use it on this next project or two.

The featherweight is not a nice shiny fancy painted machine – just plain black with some knicks in it.  I had to get my book out to remember where all I was supposed to oil it at.  I got all that done and out of the way – a new needle, thread and gave it a try – perfect!!


I use a Sew Ezi Table for my laptop computer/desk and for the sewing machines.  When I use the computer this is what slide out table top is on it.


When you use a machine you take that slide out – it then looks like this.  I had my Janome first when I got this table so the inset (the area you set you machine on ) is the right height for the Janome.  It is really a pain in the behind to switch things out so it would be the right height for the featherweight.


You see this cylinder thing – there are four of them – for each different machine you have you have to add/subtract some little washer like pieces to make it higher/lower or possible just the size of the cylinder – this is set for the Janome


The Featherweight would need the  insert to be higher – so that means either sticking these two thin books under it – which takes about 1 minute or


or figuring out if these short cylinders would work (the four on the right)– I think they are too short — then take the insert out and replacing pieces – which would probably take me all afternoon as I am not the greatest at that kind of stuff – I might even have to order more washers as I only have 4 and I know that wouldn’t adjust to the right height.


So I do it the easy way and just stick a couple quilt books under it and I’m done in a minute and it is ready for the Janome also without a switch out of a half day.  Makes sense right!

I did not get my fabric today Sad smile the tracking number said I was supposed to but the mail carrier came a little early today and I bet it got to the post office after she had already hit the road – it should be here tomorrow.  So seeing as I didn’t get that packet I think I will go with a different pack that I won last year (yes I am lucky with winning give aways at times).  I don’t remember where I won this one at I would have to go back in my blog to figure it out and I don’t feel like it.  I know I already thanked whoever sent it me so that is what counts.  I won 16 fat quarters and 2 yards of Bella cream solid that time and I have not used them.  It’s about time I think.  The fq’s are called Strawberry Fields.

The fabric.  I have the lightest ones set aside here as I don’t think they will work out for this pattern –


I wanted something simple for this as I just wanted to make up something fairly quickly.  I don’t think the 4 light colored fq’s will work out as they will be right next to the cream color background.


the other patterns I showed you will get made one day ( I hope) and I might even whip up another pattern with some of the fabric waiting on my shelves or the new packet coming  before I put the machine back in it’s bag and consider my need to use the sewing machine done again for several months or more!

So I guess I better get on to pressing fabric and get busy cutting – sewing might start later today or this weekend –

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  • Have fun, I’m going to enjoy watching this grow!
    Archie the wonder dog recently posted…Fresh Sewing Day – the July editionMy Profile

  • Sue Aug 3, 2012

    Wow, I have a Janome and a few Featherweights too. I love those old machines and for the most part, they are all I need for my sewing. I sometimes wonder why I have any other.

    Those are beautiful fabrics for your next project!!
    Sue recently posted…Some more Porch Time–JulyMy Profile

  • Tim Latimer Aug 3, 2012

    Cant wait to see the quilt happen…looks like it will be a very happy looking quilt.
    I do not think you are an antique!!
    I also had a “crappy” Brother…what a waste of money that was!….I now have a singer 301…..which makes perfect straight stitches and that Is all I need….they dont make em like that anymore!
    Tim Latimer recently posted…Floral Design From the Vegetable GardenMy Profile

  • Vivian Aug 4, 2012

    This looks like a fun, quick project for you.
    Vivian recently posted…A Little ProjectMy Profile

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