Well a little progress that is.  Once a quilt top gets done the next step is the backing.  I normally do not fuss over a back and I try to have the extra wide fabric on hand for backing so I don’t need to piece – this time I decided to piece a back because this had been kind of a spur of the moment quilt top and wasn’t planned in advance.  I didn’t have time to order wide backs.   I really didn’t spend that much time on it today and was fooling with other things as well but in the end I finally got the backing finished awhile ago.

I will wait to pin baste this top though until Monday.  Mike is off this weekend and he will be going in and out of the house a lot as he is doing work outside – so hot you know – plenty of breaks are needed.   I need the living room floor to work on this!  Tomorrow is out I am visiting my mom tomorrow.  So Monday it is – I will get to it then and have it done by evening and ready to start quilting.

The back:


A close up of the piecing – 4 fat quarters cut up did the whole strips with just a little of the cream color on both ends to make it long enough.


I use T-Tacks and pin  and stretch the backing to the carpet then smooth the batting on it and then the top.  Lots of pins to baste but then you are done and ready to get busy quilting. These are T-Tacks – maybe you know them by a different name? These are the pins I jab into the carpet to hold the backing tight to the floor so no wrinkles are in the fabric.


If I had gotten around to sewing the backing earlier today I could have gotten it pin basted too.  The morning was beautiful though – we had such a nice cool front come through yesterday afternoon and it stayed cool all evening – I was sitting outside this morning enjoying the air until 11:30.  It was so nice at 80 degrees for awhile – of course it didn’t last – it is 94 right now down from a high of 96.

I am so glad that NW Arkansas is supposed to barely reach 90 tomorrow – I sure hope that weather forecast hasn’t changed!!!  It will be a nice day to get mom out to lunch and a little shopping  – she needs a day out I bet – I has been so hot that she has not spent much time outside lately other than going to the car and into the shops.

No post tomorrow – talk to you all later.

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  • Vivian Aug 9, 2012

    Sometimes the best backs are the spur of the moment ones.

    Be careful on your trip tomorrow. Hope your mom is well adjusted and doing well.
    Vivian recently posted…Busy, Busy, BusyMy Profile

  • Kathleen Aug 9, 2012

    Have fun and if you get a chance check out the new Rabbit Lair. It more of what it use to be. It moved to the building next door to where it used to be on 1st street.
    Kathleen recently posted…Egg Recipe # 26My Profile

  • Nedra Aug 9, 2012

    We are flying to California tomorrow to visit my family in the Bay Area, and to get out of the heat. My brother lives up in the mountains near Santa Cruz, and normally it’s cool and wonderful in the redwood forest. He just sent me an e-mail saying that today it reached an almost unheard of 98.3 degrees!
    Oh my. Guess none of us get to escape the heat.
    Have a wonderful time with your mom.
    Nedra recently posted…Great Granny Quilt FinishMy Profile

  • Doreen Aug 10, 2012

    I never used to piece the backs of my quilts (it almost was a “no no”!) but now I have grown to really like them and plan them along with the tops!!! Yours is very nice!! We have a break in the heat which is so appreciated. 2 weeks ago our son (who lives on the farm, also) had one of his Samoyd(sp?) dogs succumb to heat stroke. Was extremely hard to watch an animal suffer that much. This heat has been devastating to so many!
    Doreen recently posted…Time slips away……My Profile

  • Haley Aug 11, 2012

    Like the pieced back! Will definitely look good with the front. 🙂
    Haley recently posted…JC Exotic ZooMy Profile

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