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Last night was our once a month quilt group get together.  We had a good visit and got to see what everyone was working on.  Some on their quilts and some brought cross stitch to work on instead.  When I got there it was 103 and when we left at 7:45 to head to another location it was still 100!

Here are some of the quilts shown last night:



Peggy’s she will be having one of the long arm quilters in the group start quilting on this one soon.


Dee’s – she has several borders to add.


Another one of Peggy’s she is still adding more to this.


this one belongs to the second Dee in our group, she is ready to put the binding on it.


Now for the second location of the night.  And this has to do with fabric hoarding – are we guilty of small to large stashes or just plain hoarders?  Have you ever given thought to what will happen to all of your quilting supplies when you die – I know a subject that a lot of us don’t want to touch on.

Last night we went fabric shopping – all fabric a dollar a yard – this is what can happen when you accumulate massive amounts of fabric over years and years of quilting and then you die an old lady.  I believe she was in her late 80’s or early 90’s.  This happened to one of the charter members of the quilt group – a very nice old lady – she made literally hundreds of quilts over the years – most hand quilted! but she left behind her no family other than a couple nephews and thousands of yards of fabric!  She had asked a good friend of hers – another quilter – to be the executor of her will so now it is up to her to figure out what to do with everything.

Luckily things are moving along and her family has a business where she has been able to take over one  room that wasn’t being used in the warehouse and fill it up with metal shelves that go almost up to the ceiling and they are full of fabric – you name it the fabric is probably on the shelves – most of what is now left is 1980/90’s kind of prints – tiny flowery prints but there are other things there as well.  She has had several sewing/quilting groups from the area over to buy fabric at $1.00 a yard – the money I believe goes into the estate although I do know she was to keep what ever quilts she wanted and I believe any of the quilting supplies also – but I know this lady and she has plenty of her own already.

This was my first time going over with one of the groups to buy fabric and although I was only looking for white on whites I did find a little bit of other things as well – I was surprised to find there were still some batiks there!  I ended up my evening with 15 1/2 yards of fabric for $15.50!

Most of the batiks are half yard cuts to 1 yard pieces, the white and that lightly color print are closer to 2 yard pieces if I remember right.  Not a bad haul for such low prices.  All fabric had been pre-washed before the original owner of the fabric put it on her shelves – she had no pets and no smoking in the house – great condition.


Anyhow -you like me – need to think of what happens to all of our stuff – I believe if I heard right the nephews assumed the fabric wasn’t worth anything and should be tossed – good thing a quilter was in charge huh.  I don’t know how much money is going into the estate from the fabric but when I say there were literally thousands of yards of fabric in this room at the beginning I mean it.  I have heard of some of the quilters leaving with over 150 yards of fabric in their hands.

And it was still 100 degrees when I left at about 8:30!!  Now this morning I am off to another quilt group for a couple hours of stitching then back home and see if my give away win has arrived so I can figure out what I am going to make – I will post about it when I decide Smile

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  • Donna Aug 3, 2012

    Karen since I have a very small family; no children and no other quilters in my small family, I have left all my sewing and quilting supplies to my guild. I have stipulated that everything be sold and the money applied to our annual retreat. We recently had to update our will and I thought this would be a great way to dispose of my stash! Wish I could have gone to that sale!!!

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Aug 3, 2012

    I’ve threatened my daughters if they sell my quilt supplies for a dollar a box, I’ll come back and haunt them!!! Fortunately, one daughter is a die hard quilter, so she will inherit well… LOL.

    Dark clouds here, but all the rain is sliding by to the east on radar…. Hope you get it!!!

  • Debra Aug 3, 2012

    Wow you sure made a haul, what great fabric. I know what you mean about the heat. It is not in the 100’s but it sure is warm.
    Debra recently posted…Updated Sewing RoomMy Profile

  • Nedra Aug 3, 2012

    Yes, we will brave extreme temps for fabric. And aren’t you so glad the fabrics weren’t tossed!
    Nedra recently posted…Great Granny FeverMy Profile

  • Amanda Best Aug 4, 2012

    The quilter’s in your group are very talented! I love all there projects.
    I am glad that all those yards of fabrics did not get thrown out! It really makes you want to use up your stash and stop buying so much! Beautiful fabrics you purchased.

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