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First thanks for the ideas for quilt names – I am going with “X Marks the Spot” it was one that I had been thinking of and when quite a few of you suggested it also I thought that was the right one to go with.

Lately it seems that I am seeing more and more stick on thimbles then used to be available.  I seem to try out almost all of them and reject most.  Have any of you tried out this kind?  Poke-Dot-Sticky Thimbles.  I saw this at the Nancy Notions web page and on Keepsake Quilting.  Do they work?  I have not ordered them, maybe one day. Click on the photo and it will go to the details. (I hope – I connected it right)

Poke-A-Dots Sticky Thimbles

Another new one I have seen isn’t actually a thimble but a very thin flexible rubber disc called “Needle Grip It”? pad for your finger tips to assist in pulling the needles through fabric – I normally keep a little rubber gripper on hand for that but I have ordered a package of these to see how they work – comes in a package of 70 and it says they stick on your fingers even through light hand washing.  I ordered this one from Connecting Threads, click on the photo and it will go to the details.


I think I have tried almost every known thimble out there in quilt land but I know I will stick with my hand held thimble for at the floor standing quilting frame which lets me quilt in all directions although the stick on thimbles come in really handy there as well.

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  • Tim Latimer Aug 14, 2012

    I was just looking at the connecting threads catalog yesterday and looking at the stick ons…I have never used them but I am intrigued….I think they might be just the thing I need when I am hand piecing and sewing on binding…I think I will add a few to my next order
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  • nanci Aug 14, 2012

    I saw them in Florida and the woman at Joann’s said they are amazing, however, they are small…love the name of your quilt.

  • Heather Aug 14, 2012

    Karen I have the Poke-dot thimbles, but I have only ever used them for when I do applique. Not actual quilting. I am not really sure if they are meant to be used in that regard, I could be wrong there. But the maker of them does applique, so one would assume.
    They are alright, but honestly not my favorite. I always feel like its going to fall off, when its actually stuck on pretty well.

    as far as grabbing your needle, I use one of these
    its made in Sweden, and took me forever to find one here in the US. I also use the same handheld thimble you use, so once you get used to holding both its easy.
    But aside from that, another very simple idea for a needle grabber is a good old rubber finger tip

  • Miriam Aug 14, 2012

    I haven’t seen the stick on thimbles you have there. I have used some suede ones when I get a sore finger when hand piecing and I find they work very well.

    Great name for your new quilt.
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  • Stacey Sep 16, 2013

    I am new to machine quilting. While practing free hand stitching as well as some basic sewing, I’m having a problem with my fingers not being sticky/tacky enough to slide the fabric thru the machine. Can some give me a suggestion or recommend something to help me out?

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