Storm Coming, Keeping Busy

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Bad storms bother me, heavy rainfall bothers me – I guess I’m a wimp in some areas.  I don’t get hysterical Smile just nervous – I’m a nervous nelly and I admit it LOL.  I have battened down the hatches as much as I can outside for the upcoming next  day and a half of rainfall. I think the rain will start mainly this evening and then all day tomorrow.  Everything in the yard has been put away as much as it can be so it doesn’t blow around in the rain, the chair cushions have been put up.  I’m ready – I guess.  I hope the worst of it misses us and I do wish we didn’t have to get the rain all at once.  From the predications I would say the weatherman at the current time really do not have a clue how much rain we will get or what part of Arkansas will get the most rain – they seem to change it every couple of hours.

So in the meantime I will keep busy!!  I have not posted photos of Joseph’s Coat for awhile – I have been working on it slowly – last week and this week I have gotten most of row 7 done but not quite – I will do more on it later today.  The parts of row 7 that are complete – photos:




I have also been playing with the center block for Common Bride.  Most of this is just laying on the cutting table for design purposes – I need to sew the feathered star part together and cut more pieces still.  Some asked are there a lot of templates in this quilt – no just a couple.  I mentioned when I started it that one of the templates was the wrong size – I was wrong – the template is just fine – I actually used the wrong one Smile but it still worked out as I just needed to trim the block to square it up and it worked out just fine!


The very center block before the white sashing – I need to make 24 more of those!  After I finish this center block then there is a border around it enlarging it with applique then a thin sashing and another round goes around it with the 24 stars, then more applique and round and round we go with the quilting growing and changing.  I am glad though that I won’t have to make more feathered stars.

Well I am going to get more pieces cut out for this section of the quilt so I will have plenty to play with if the power goes out.  I have my book lights (2) handy, flashlights, radio – on my way to get batteries for it now so it will work if we loose power.  If you don’t hear from me for awhile it will be because we have lost Wi-Fi and power Sad smile I’m on a hill so shouldn’t be much problem of flooding for us – it all runs downhill.  It is all the trees that can be a problem in a storm for us.

I hope my readers in Louisiana are ok!!!!

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  • glen in louisiana Aug 30, 2012

    Here in Baton Rouge we did fine, just some branches down and two shingles flew off the roof. We have electricity through the whole thing, but my friend Ann does not.

    New Orleans got the brunt of it once again. I have it chronicled on my blog if you want to see it.

    And breathe easy, you are not going to get the worst, just some rain. And there was no thunder at all.

    glen: think quilty thoughts!
    glen in louisiana recently posted…The Fat Lady Has Not SungMy Profile

  • Catherine Aug 30, 2012

    Stay safe Karen. Take care.

  • Kim Aug 30, 2012

    We are safe and well here in Lafayette. Little rain, some wind, lost a couple of shingles. Was a lot better then we were expecting. Stay safe, expect mostly rain. We got alot less rain then they were predicting. Our electricity never went out thankfully.

  • Stay safe x

  • Erlinda Aug 30, 2012

    Prayers to you and everyone in your area. Be safe.
    Erlinda recently posted…I movedMy Profile

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