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I am sitting here trying to figure out what to make next – I shouldn’t be doing this as I have three projects going already but they are all hand work and I feel like sitting at the machine for a change of pace as this has been such a hot summer that I am staying inside so much.  I got some books out yesterday and this morning to look at and what I thought was going to be easy turned into something not so easy!  So many ideas.  I thought something easy and fast was what I had in mind and then of course I keep turning pages and come up with things that might not be easy and fast! Do I not like easy and fast? 

I am waiting for my fabric that I won before I decide for sure on what to use as I want to see it first – do I want to make something with the fabric that I just won – or do I want to use something from the stash.  I have so much right now to choose from.  I have stacks of pre-cuts that I either won over the last several years or that I bought (very much on sale!) or were presents.

The books I have been looking through – as you can see I like scrap quilts – some of these have some of the same patterns in them although I didn’t know that when I bought them.


Some of the patterns that have been jumping out at me–


Yes I know that feathered star pattern doesn’t look too easy does it – but I have been looking at this one for five or more years now saying “some day”

And then there is the fabric – I had a note from Judi that the fabric I won is on its way and it should arrive tomorrow already – they are so fast!!!– do I use that or some of these?  Not the very colorful dimples in the back there – those are going in the Sedona Star quilt – but the rest – nothing is decided.


And more to add in on anything I decide on – this stash just seems to stay the same – I haven’t been using anything while I have been trying to finish things started – well I take that back I have been pulling from the fabric pictured above for the Patchwork of the Crosses.  But I still have all this to use – oh my!  Some big pieces – some small – almost every single piece in the stash was bought on sale – I rarely buy anything not on sale.


This small box is packed to over flowing


So many dark colors


And more darks


And more – I was noticing this awhile back that I have way too many darks –


My piece of flannel waiting to be made up into pajama pants is up on the top shelf with all my big pieces of white and cream along with the black that I recently got on sale.


Most of these are little pieces – smaller that a fat quarter – maybe fat eights or less


1/2 yards to over 1 yards with a small stack of what was fat quarters – now less


My basket of red and greens not put away yet from when I finished cutting out for the border on the red and green quilt – need to do that – also my big baskets of scraps waiting to be cut and put into the boxes.


The boxes of cut scraps


Fabric being put aside for the Common Bride quilt


As organized as it is going to be for now!  As you can see I have a slanted ceiling in my sewing room – this used to be a porch on the back of the house at one time that was enclosed in to make  a small bedroom sometime before we bought the house – one day Mike wants to change this for now – this is it.  The sewing machines are in storage bags under the quilting frame and come out when needed and go where the computer is on the Sew Ezi Table.


I do share this room with Mike – this is side – LOL, I think he got the short end of the room Smile the door way, the closet (he has books and stuff stacked up in there) and room for his computer stuff – from the printer/scanner on is my side.  I think he maybe has a quarter of the room.  It is a long skinny room.


Well this turned into a longer post then intended – I kind of got off topic.

Have a great day everyone Smile

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  • glen I Louisiana Aug 2, 2012

    What a great stash, a very organized room (mine is a total disaster!) and a very cute Mike!

    glen: who just yesterday completed the paint chip challenge quilt and am looking for a simple scrappy quilt to work on next!
    glen I Louisiana recently posted…Food Sayings QuiltMy Profile

  • Nedra Aug 2, 2012

    Aren’t our husbands such good souls to let us have most of the space for our stash? I am really trying to work my way through my piles, but even though I only do scrap quilts now, the baskets don’t seem to be much smaller. I finally gave my guild 4 large garbage sacks full of fabrics that I know I no longer like. I know they will put it to good use making charity quilts.
    Nedra recently posted…Great Granny FeverMy Profile

  • Sandie Aug 2, 2012

    Your stash is so neat! Mike should consider himself lucky to have the space he has~ I don’t share. LOL 🙂 Actually hubby has the office all to himself and I have another space. I love looking through my books for ideas. That triangle quilt looks like it has lots of darks in it~ maybe that helps? Good luck finding a project! Have a happy day!
    Sandie recently posted…Think Christmas Blog HopMy Profile

  • deb Aug 2, 2012

    Okay Karen with posting those wonderful patterns, and fantastic fabric! you have now given me incentive to start something new. I have a project i have to get done too…so maybe will start that.
    Your room is awesome and it is wonderful that you SHARE it …. I have a lazyboy I just got second hand if DH wants to venture in.
    As for your next project I can see you doing the feather next if you are doing it by machine it will take no time at all…I was surprised you said Machine!
    let us know what-cha decided. Great background fabric on your page
    deb recently posted…Finish one, working another, designing one moreMy Profile

  • Deb Aug 2, 2012

    Karen, I just love everything that you work on. Your skill is amazing. If you want to do a feathered star I am sure that it will be magnificent. Please visit my blog and see the clean up my sewing room has gone through. Now I just have to organize the scraps. Did I say organize, I meant tame.
    Deb recently posted…Updated Sewing RoomMy Profile

  • Vivian Aug 2, 2012

    I do love your fabrics. Mike kind of looks like he is looking over his glasses saying, “Don’t take the picture!!!”
    Vivian recently posted…A Little ProjectMy Profile

  • Wanda Aug 2, 2012

    I would be mixing stash in with the new fabric. The more fabrics the merrier.
    Wanda recently posted…Back to dotty zig zag…….My Profile

  • Cathi Aug 2, 2012

    That feathered star design is beautiful!
    Your stash is so well orgaized! I keep trying to get organized but get distracted by project ideas! LOL
    Cathi recently posted…Some Shabby PiecingMy Profile

  • Fiona Aug 6, 2012

    I think you should make the Japanese X that Linda just released for Inklingo! I want to start a new quilt so much, but I’ll have to live vicariously through others until I get this baby quilt done!

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