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Thanks for all the compliments on the Red and Green – it will be awhile until I get it quilted.


Recently on a quilters blog a quilter talked about a friend – another quilter loosing her home to fire and everything in it.  She wants to do something nice for her friend and collect up quilting supplies from other quilters- supplies for her friend to start over again.  I was going to go through my items and select out a few items that I know I didn’t need, duplicates, fat quarters that no longer interested me, books ect.  But then as I was doing this I got to thinking.  How many duplicates or things not interested in is this quilter going to end up with.  If I lost everything in my sewing room what would I want?

I decided that I would not want a lot of things from other quilters who do not know my likes and dislikes.  Of course I would be thankful that people thought of me and took time to send things but wouldn’t it be better to choose your own things.  I would want to gradually be able to pick out what I actually wanted and would use.  We all gather up so many notions, tools, patterns, books and face it Fabric – that we loose interest in and go to other colors schemes that we like and such.  Looking around your quilting room can you find a lot of things that no longer interest you, at times wouldn’t you like to “start over again” and go in a completely different direction with your quilting but feel like you can’t because face it you have so much stuff to begin with? (of course it is taken for granted that we would not want to start over again because of a disaster).

I think a gift card to an on-quilting store will be my contribution instead – that way I feel satisfied with helping and she can get what she wants to her taste and what she needs after going through the gifts she receives.

What would you want? 

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  • Oh, what an awful thing to happen! A gift voucher feels like a perfect contribution because, as you say, it’s bound to be something that the quilter can use. If it happened to me I think I’d like things like pins, needles, pin cushions, a reel of thread, a pair of small scissors and some scraps in a box/pouch so that I could start hand piecing whilst I rebuilt my life. I hope I never find out what I’d like…
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  • Jo Aug 25, 2012

    I love the idea of i gift card! I did send a box of stuff to help out…a pattern book that i accidently ordered two of..duh…a rotary cutter, pins and thread as well as a lot of fabric..mostly leftover from other projects so i know the only way i’d use those fabrics is in a strip quilt or scrap quilt. But a gift card is the perfect way to round out her supplies! Great idea!

  • Karen L. Aug 25, 2012

    I don’t even like to thing that this could happen but of course it does … all the time. I could see where you were going with this post. Yes, it would be wonderful to get some extras from other quilters especially if those quilters could not afford to send money in any form. But to get a gift card would be fabulous! To have nothing and be able to pick out what you want/like without having to put out money would be such a wonderful gift. I would guess that this person also needs a new sewing machine so gifts of cash in any form would surely help with buying one. (And oh by the way, what a nice thing for you to do! None of us ever knows when we could be in a similar situation.)

  • Teri Dingler Aug 26, 2012

    I agree – collecting basics like pins, rotary cutters,scissors, is easy but we all have individual quilting tastes even though we know she would be most appreciative of anything. Karen, I missed this read or must not follow this blogger but would love to send something monetary also. If I send it to you would you get it to your friend or get me the info?

  • Karen Aug 26, 2012

    Teri do not send the gift to me to give to her – she is not my friend but another blogger. Thearica is the one that is collecting the items to give to her – I will send you her blog address and you can contact her.

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