I started getting the applique together today for Common Bride.  What a mess at times it seems.  Auditioning fabric, cutting pieces, laying things out.  This will take about 5 days probably before I get it all glued in place with the Roxanne Basing Glue.

First I had to pull my cutting table out from the wall and extend the leaf on the back of it so I have enough work space to start laying out pieces.  I have just enough room on the top of the table for this piece


Now when the chair is over there for quilting – this is how crowded it is Smile  this is when I wish for a wider room!


But that is ok, I’m used to it and I have it all in one room not like some who have to use their dining room and keep putting things away all the time.

I spent awhile auditioning fabric – at first I thought I wanted pink/burgundy type of flowers but I changed my mind.  Those pieces will be used later – some of the baskets, some of the other flowers ect – lots more work to do on this quilt.


I went with blues/greens instead.


It was quite a mess for awhile until I remembered I could extend my table – I tend to forget sometimes – things piled up all over the place – yes I work in a mess at times.  That is another of Edyita Star’s patterns hanging there on my wall by the table – I want to do this one too – one at a time though!  It is hanging there so I don’t forget about it Smile


Ok, excess fabric all put back in the box – and some back on the shelves that I don’t think will work out – they might get pulled back out later.


Only half of the design is printed out on the pattern – the other side is reverse so I will need to use a sharpie to mark on the reverse side to make it dark enough to see through the fabric.  Right now this fabric is just laying there – it needs to be moved around a little and the vine stems need to be cut some.  The circle needs to be made – obviously too big right now.  Keep that in mind – all of these pieces will be turned under – needle turn applique.  All of the applique will be smaller than it looks right here (except the stems they are pressed under).   I have pieces cut for all the flowers – each are a little different in color.  The little stack of green over there is fabric cut for stems.


I make my stems with the bias maker from Clover this is the 1/4 inch size.


So anyhow this is my design process – take a bunch of fabric off the shelves and look at it in groupings – yes – no – will this work – yes – no – maybe.  Then get down to business!  This is it for today though – I think I am done with it for now – I need a break and will work on something else this evening!

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  • Debbie in Alaska Sep 5, 2012

    It is a messy process. Love your choices!
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…It’s InstinctiveMy Profile

  • Odette Sep 5, 2012

    Hola Karen

    Que magnifico trabajo estas realizando, me encantó el diseño y también el que has colgado para una posterior ocasión, siempre ocupa mucho tiempo la elección de las telas, pero estoy segura de que harás una buena elección.
    Muchos saludos


  • Vivian Sep 5, 2012

    I had to go back through your posts to look for the pattern you are using. I kept wondering how you would quilt all of the white area. Then I looked at the pattern and realized that would be filled in with applique. I love the flower baskets on the corners. I need to get busy deciding how I want to do Kelsey’s double wedding ring quilt. Because I may just have to hand quilt it. So I will need I couple of years, at least.
    Vivian recently posted…Hand Quilting ChallengeMy Profile

  • Debra Sep 5, 2012

    I love your choices of fabric, beautiful.
    Debra recently posted…A Furry Guest, Christmas and CarnivalMy Profile

  • Billie K Sep 5, 2012

    Just wonderful. I’m going to enjoy warching this one.
    Billie K recently posted…Sew Spooky Witchy Tuesday and Linky PartyMy Profile

  • Penny Sep 5, 2012

    Karen, love your choices too! This quilt in your colour way with white background is going to look fabulous. Saw a kit for the quilt for $220 online but I am liking yours. Maybe you should go into kit making on this one, just joking, sort of! I’m very tempted to start buying some batiks but how do you choose as there is so, so, many of them? Also, with Jospeh’s Coat and X Marks the Spot (we have a book by that title) I am also tempted to have a go at hand quilting, maybe a small table topper. When I saw your progress with the applique I though what you have done up to now would make a lovely table topper. x

  • Judi Sep 5, 2012

    Karen – beautiful choices! This is going to be an amazing quilt. Can’t wait to see your progress 🙂 I have a question for you about needle turn applique. It looks like you have freezer paper attached to some of the pieces. Is that just for while you cut it out? How does that work with needle turn? Trying to learn this system myself, and I have a project I need to do soon, so I’m trying to learn from the “experts” 🙂 Thanks – Judi
    Judi recently posted…Aah… A Day Without LaborMy Profile

  • audrey Sep 6, 2012

    Such a fun/exciting/frustrating/messy process. Love it! Your prep work is looking so incredible. It’s obvious you’ve done this all before!

  • Nedra Sep 6, 2012

    It’s fun to see the process you go through in making your quilts. And the messes just seem to come with the territory.
    Nedra recently posted…September Show and TellMy Profile

  • Debbe Sep 6, 2012

    That quilt is beautiful!
    Debbe recently posted…Test Kitchen TuesdayMy Profile

  • Doreen Sep 6, 2012

    Whenever I begin to think that my sewing room is on the small side I remind myself that the ‘plus’ is that it is less to mess up/clean up. I like your little space but understand what you mean when it comes to auditioning fabrics in such a cramped area. My problem is that if I had a larger room I would just have more stuff around!! Your color choices are going to be just what it needs to set off the piecing. I love it when contrasts give the eye so many interesting spots to land! Happy gluing/appliqueing! Needleturn is, to me, one of the most relaxing sewing activities one can do (I have always liked it even more than hand quilting!).
    Doreen recently posted…Labor Day….rest????My Profile

  • Sherri I Sep 6, 2012

    Thanks for sharing!

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