Background Fabric


I have had a lot of you all of a sudden notice that the background fabric in Joseph’s Coat has a print in it Smile  yes a batik – very light color and it is a print.  It is called Retro Metro by Robert Kaufman I got it over a year ago but did a search and some colors are still available.


This small clip is from a photo I found on line, click on it and it takes you to a shop. The print looks darker on this clip than it actually is.


I actually have two different colors of background fabric.  I could tell that I was running out of the first yardage that I had gotten and so I searched for more and couldn’t find the same shade, I got more anyhow.  I bleached it a bit and took out the “too much green” that was in it and then tea dyed it to get it closer to what I wanted.  Overall you really can’t tell the difference too much – I can spot it easily but others have not.

When the quilting is done I will take some close ups in good light and maybe you can see the two shades of background fabric.

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