I didn’t get a lot of work done today – a lovely day at home and things to do other than sitting in the house sewing!

I got a little applique done on the square and that was it.


I’m going to try to get more done on this corner later today or tomorrow.  Just not in a quilty mood today Smile

2 Responses to “Common Bride”

  1. It’s so cool outside it’s hard to stay in after the summer we had. It’s misting rain here, but looks like most of it is up north and will miss us.

    I get those ‘moods’, too!!!

  2. It’s OK to not be in a quilty mood now and then. That seems to happen to you very rarely so I think we blog readers can forgive you. lol Your applique is coming along nicely though. Have a nice weekend and hope the weather is treating you well.

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