I finished one corner Smile and I am now working on the second one.


The second corner in progress


Someone told me I should just push on through and finish Joseph’s Coat – I don’t like to work on the same thing every day – besides hand quilting for hours on end or day after day can make fingers very sore.  I like to quilt one day and then work on something else for a day or two.  Sometimes I make time to quilt for only 5 or 10 minutes on some days – I do get some quilting in almost every day though.  I just like variety.

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  1. Your applique work is just amazing. I too don’t care to work on the same thing day after day, after a while it becomes a chore and I don’t like to associate sewing and chores together.
    Debbe recently posted…What I Finished FridayMy Profile

  2. I totally agree, I always have several projects going so I can choose what I want to work on each day (or sometimes not work on anything). I also like variety: piecing, applique, planning, etc. Love your Common Wife.
    Gari recently posted…On The WallMy Profile

  3. Me, too! I have several going on at all times! Makes life interesting and not dull!
    Beautiful applique work! Must include on my next project!

  4. That’s the way I am. I really do get more done when I’m working on a couple different projects at the same time!

  5. Looking gorgeous! I’ve been trying to work on just one project which is very unusual for me, and I’m actually getting less done than if I worked on more.
    Billie K recently posted…It’s a Batty Monday!My Profile

  6. I agree with the gals above, I, also, get more done if there is variety in the projects going on at one time. Unless it’s something that is quickly needed/finished then the motivation keeps me going!!! Love both the fabrics and applique you’re working on!
    Doreen recently posted…Quilt guild today…….My Profile

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