Common Bride


I finished the 3rd corner rather quickly compared to the others.  Moving right along.


Now the 4th corner I noticed that the fabric I had chosen for the buds is a little too dark – not enough contrast in colors between the leaf bud area and flower – I will need to choose a different color for that.  The fabric for the buds is too green – that’s ok – I have plenty to chose from to change it out!


I am going to take a two day break from blogging – I need to recharge my brain :)  I am on the computer way too much and need to spend a little more time on my projects.  I haven’t touched X Marks the Spot in over two weeks I believe.  Joseph’s Coat needs attention, and this final corner of Common Bride needs some work.  I have going through my mind of course what to begin next – after all I can’t sit still without some work going on with my hands!

Blogging becomes such a habit that it is hard to not sit at the computer each day and type something in – a daily journal of my quilting life is what it has become.   And believe me I have an ordinary life, how I even come up with something to post almost every day is beyond me.  Just insane chatter!!  Once you get into blogging it is hard not to-it becomes obsessive in a way – to me any how.  So a two day break is in order – I will be back sometime on Saturday.

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  • Sue Sep 26, 2012

    Beautiful block!

    I’ve been taking a computer beak too. I used to get so much more done before computers! Haha

  • Judi Sep 26, 2012

    The Common Bride is coming along so nicely. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt. As for the break, enjoy your time away from the computer :) I really enjoy reading your posts every day though, so I will miss seeing them :) I guess I’m in the habit of reading your blog as much as you are in the habit of writing something each day.

  • Sarah DiDomizio Sep 26, 2012

    I love the Batiks you chose for the Common Bride. I’m definitely a big fan of Batiks these days. Enjoy the time away from the computer! Even though it may seem “boring”, I enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing what you are working on and how your garden is doing (hopefully you’ve had some rain recently). :-)

  • Mary L Sep 26, 2012

    This is going to be such a stunning quilt. And you already have made so many stunners! You do a much better job than me of daily blogging. I finally had to back away as I absolutely couldn’t think of things to post daily or even weekly.
    My life is very dull.

  • audrey Sep 26, 2012

    Great progress on your Common Bride quilt! It’s coming along so much faster than I imagined.:)

  • Penny Sep 26, 2012

    Always oohing and ahing, your work is beautiful. As for blogging, I love to read your blog but time doesn’t allow to post as I am so slow at putting thoughts into words on paper or screen, not a natural at it, that is why I have not started a blog as my family suggested. Enjoy your quiet time away from the computer.

  • Karen L. Sep 26, 2012

    Perhaps it is because you are a year older that you need to take a break. LOL And by the way, happy belated birthday. I meant to send you a note at the beginning of the week but as I had my quilt group meeting at my house, I was too busy cleaning and cooking and totally forgot. So Sorry to have missed your BIG birthday! Did you get any neat goodies from anyone? I know as we get older, it’s hard to buy for someone because they don’t need anymore dodads and such. But maybe you got a little collection of fabrics or a new book or two? Hope you had a great day to celebrate at least.

  • Frederique Sep 26, 2012

    Beautiful block, and I love the colors too.

  • Doreen Sep 26, 2012

    I applaud your blog-break decision! My “picture folders” are bursting at the seams waiting for future blog posts….BUT, that is quilting time that is NOT happening!-( I have been thinking of doing the same. Until next time…..uber hugs and know that you aren’t alone in your thinking!

  • Vivian Sep 26, 2012

    I have cut down on computer time also. I miss all of the blogs I used to visit, but I was using way too much valuable time. It does become a habit.

  • Isabelle Sep 27, 2012

    Wow! What absolutely beautiful quilts!

  • Pip Sep 27, 2012

    A friend of mine has started Common Bride and I saw her centre square yesterday, it almost convinced me to make it, but I stayed strong :)
    Blogging is a habit (although a good one I think) but it is nice to take a break occasionally, recharge the batteries and catch up with real-world things. Enjoy your bloggy break.

  • Archie the wonder dog Sep 28, 2012

    It’s going to be a stunning quilt! I hope you enjoyed your bloggy break!

  • Teresa Rawson Sep 29, 2012

    Wow! You are really moving right along with this quilt! You make me want to dig out my pattern and start thinking about it, but I need to stay focused on this music quilt for now. I wish I could clone myself so I could be actively working on SEVERAL at one time!! Enjoy your bloggy break! (We need our brains, don’t we?!)

    In stitches, Teresa :o)

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