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I wasn’t going to immediately get started on the applique BUT I just had to Smile  My fingers were just itching to get started on it.

First I normally start to pull thread off the cabinet so I know if I am really going to have try to find a new color or if my spool of silk thread (light beige) will work – I think I’m lucky once again and have matching colors for now.  The cabinet with empty slots – the thread is now in my little  box to keep with my work.  As soon as I am any where near having an empty spool I normally re-order one or two spools of the color.


My little box with all the thread colors to be used.  I know a lot of quilters mainly just use silk thread for applique but I have been using this 100% cotton Gutermann for years now and love it.  Of course it probably helps that I have 100 colors to chose from.  The white thread in the box is to stitch that basket seam closed if I take it apart to stick the stems in.


#7350 for this flower


When I am matching up I put my fabric under an Ott light and then I string a piece of thread across it to see if it will work.  This is batik here so sometimes you actually need to use two different colors – this one I am just using this color on it.


this flower is almost done – part of the circle left to do but I need to do those two leaves first and make sure they are tucked under the circle right before stitching it down.


I will be able to use the same color thread for these two buds.


And of course this much left to do on this corner Smile now that I got started I can go back and forth to other projects and see about getting more work done on some of the others!


Another beautiful day – we had the windows open all day yesterday and last night.  Today they are open again but I will most likely have to close them this evening and the A/C back on to cool the house off for sleeping – up to 80 outside right now and promises to get warmer – cool again tonight though so I know I will have the windows open again in the morning – I can’t sleep well in a hot house though at night.

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  • Karen L. Sep 9, 2012

    I am so sorry I read this post because now I have “thread envy” but least I know where to go if I need a specific color for my applique …. except for the fact that it would cost me a lot of gas to come get it!!! lol I just knew you would not be able to keep those twitching fingers off that applique for long. Did your Mother used to get notes home from school about you doing too much too quickly in the classroom? Just kidding! I sometimes laugh out loud when I read in one of your posts that you are going to “wait” before starting another project. I think to myself “yeah right”! You get more done than any three quilters I know. Seriously!!! Perhaps I could get a blood transfusion from you to kick start my quilting?

  • Deanna Neumann Sep 9, 2012

    One word….PROLIFIC! Oh yea and beautiful, but then that is two words.

  • Debbe Sep 9, 2012

    LOVE IT!!!
    Debbe recently posted…Sew Intertwined progressMy Profile

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