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As you can tell from the last week of posting I have really gotten into working on the Common Bride and have let other projects have a break.  I will get back into them soon – I see Bonnie HunterQuiltville  is having a sign up of people promising to hand quilt for about an hour a day and make sure they do it by posting on her blog – I might have to join in!

I fixed yesterday’s mistake on the feathered star in about 15 minutes.  I’m not sure why some of you said just let it be that I didn’t need to fix it.  The half square triangle was very much  pointing the wrong way and the star being the center of the quilt – well I think it would have been noticeable and by fixing it right away it was no major problem – it would have been a problem if I waited and decided much later that it needed to be fixed.

I got further along on the center block and have two of the basket blocks completed that go on the next border around the center.  Two more to go.  The baskets are sewn but the border is just laying on the table for now –  After this border is complete comes the applique.  I wanted to get this section of borders complete so that I can glue baste the stems and flowers in place and then take my time appliqueing in between quilting and piecing.   A little variety is nice Smile  the applique is a large flower in the center area of the baskets and two buds reaching out among leaves and stems.  I’m not sure at this point if the applique colors will be the same for each basket or if I will mix it up a little and have different colors on each corner – I am leaning towards a variety of colors.


Fabric for the flowers and stems needs to be pre-washed – some batiks are going to be used and I normally soak those pretty good – that dark blue in the small bundle of fabric I showed you the other day will be one of the fabrics used so it needs some soaking.  Would hate for that pretty blue to bleed out into the white.  The applique will start to change up the look of the quilt as more colors are going to be introduced and then again when the 24 star blocks go around this big center – I am making each star block in different colors.  Very scrappy looking!

Few flowers are blooming  it is getting pretty darn hot again so they won’t last long – spider lilies, I had completely forgotten these where here mixed in with the hosta’s.  We had left on last years trip right around the time they would have bloomed and I think I missed them – I was surprised to see them the other day.


This hanging basket of flowers is struggling to stay alive – as you can see most of it died off over the hot summer and it was neglected and forgotten – suddenly a I have a few miniature petunia’s growing – I’m not sure if that is what they are but they look like petunia’s – just tiny.


Have a good productive Monday – I intend to Smile

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  • Catherine Sep 4, 2012

    Hi Karen,
    I just love the baskets. Can’t wait to see the appliqued flowers. I just finished a basket quilt in pale blue and cream fabrics. It’s one of my favorite patterns. The spider lilies are very pretty.

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