My Table Is Clean Again


I showed you all my messy work space last week, well this week it is once again clean while I work on my applique block.  I have no new projects going on right now so it will stay clean for awhile.


This first flower is done for the petals and leaves, I need to stitch the stem down still ( I do mean just that flower not the whole corner).  I wanted to show that I decided to unstitch the seam for the basket and stick those stems on through – I did that and stitched the basket back in place.  It wasn’t a lot of work, I think I got it done in less than 5 minutes while watching a little bit of morning news with my coffee.


I did some quilting on Joseph’s Coat yesterday – no photo’s my battery died and I need to charge it this morning as I forgot to last night – I will show more progress on it soon.  It is coming along nicely.   Seeing as I did quilting on Joseph’s Coat I didn’t work on X Marks the Spot – maybe today?

The weather has been beautiful lately – cool enough to have the windows opened for most of the day – I’m sure every day won’t be like this but while it is I am enjoying it!!

I had mentioned that we had a very bad storm come through on Friday in the evening – I didn’t think we had any trees come down on our property but yesterday I noticed one down on the edge of the woods that I hadn’t noticed until just then.  I guess I just looked at it right to have it catch my eyes  – we have so many trees and they are very thick in areas –  I just happened to notice a broken branch tangled in vines and then saw the stump with its fresh break.


See what I mean you can barely make it out here the vines and undergrowth is so thick.  It is laying on the ground there.  Right on the edge of an area that is cleared out somewhat.  Each year we try to clear out a little undergrowth and keep it back further from the house – it is hard work to do though and neither of us really enjoy it that much.


Here it is from up close by the front – it can wait for clean up – it is not in my way! The only time I walk through the woods exploring is a little bit in the fall/winter and then just close to the house – sometimes I search the woods for plants to transplant closer to the house – I have gotten some of my ferns that way.  I have to have some really nice crisp cool weather to do that kind of work!


Mike got the grass cut for the first time since April on the weekend.  It really did need it a couple weeks ago but the mower wasn’t working so he needed to fix it – turned out it just needed a new battery – the first time in I don’t know when that the grass didn’t get cut all summer – I hope we don’t have another dry one like that for a long time – we still aren’t out of the drought we have been in since May but it is better than it had been.  Luckily we have only lost a couple small trees – I will have to wait and see if the big dogwood trees come back they looked horrible but I think they just went dormant – we will see what they look like in the spring.

Have a good day quilting!

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  • Karen L. Sep 11, 2012

    If you would like, I could come over and make a nice mess on your cutting table. I really am very good at that. lol If I don’t get my sewing room cleaned up soon, I won’t be able to sew or cut at all. Made a bunch of pillowcase dresses for a church project this past week so that’s why the mess!!! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to see my cutting table …. or maybe not!

  • Vivian Sep 11, 2012

    We had six trees die this summer. What a waste.
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