Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?  I have not planted these and they are wild.  They came in last year around one flower bed area and I meant to see if anyone knew what they were and I forgot.  They aren’t much bigger than this one I placed my hand by.


Here they are scattered around.


The Persimmon Trees are full of fruit but I have not had luck using them.


These trees grow small fruit.  I have tried putting them in a mill and use the pulp but you need a lot to get much of anything.  Last time I tried it took forever to get much and I think I had the mill full and only got about a half cup of pulp that I used in some bread.  The seeds take up a large portion of the fruit.  What do you do with them if you have them?


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  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Sep 15, 2012

    We have persimmons and I don’t use them. I would have to be desperate to get enough pulp to use for anything. We did split seeds from two different persimmons last weekend and found a spoon in one (lots of snow) and a knife (cutting cold) in another. With this weird weather pattern, these were ripe, soft, and not bitter even with no frost. Usually, they aren’t palatable without a kiss of frost on them.

    Your ‘weed’ is a mystery. Probably planted by a bird. Does it bloom? I have a wildflowers of Arkansas book.

  • Karen L. Sep 15, 2012

    We have two persimmon trees around out property also but the not-ripe-yet fruit has been dropping already and although it is cooler at night now, there certainly has not been any frost happening here. There aren’t enough of the fruit for me to make anything either but my one dog loves to eat them. Apparently opossum eat them too because we find their scat on our road and it contains persimmon seeds. Last year a neighbor gave me some pulp and I make bread. Had hoped to make pudding but never got to it. Maybe this year?

  • Charlotte Sep 15, 2012

    Karen, I can’t be sure, but the plant looks like a trumpet vine. They grow wild on fence posts and have an orange, trumpet shaped flower. They have large seed pods, so birds probably “planted” these. They are all over the place around here and I fight them all of the time in my flower beds. I’d pull them up!

  • Nedra Sep 15, 2012

    California persimmon’s look much different. They are much larger and very orange. My mom used to make all kinds of things from persimmons: jams, muffins, breads, etc.
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  • Judy Sep 15, 2012

    I made a batch of persimmon cookies Friday. Here in Indiana, there two types of trees: wild and domesticated. The domesticated persimmons can be used as they fall, but the wild ones are usually not edible until after the first frost.

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