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I most likely need to update my side bar with all the blogs I read.  I wonder though do a lot of you who come to my blog use the side bar?  Do you look to see what links I have there.  I wonder how helpful they are.

I know that when I go to other quilting blogs I look to see what blogs they read – I find it a great jumping off point to find new blogs that might interest me.  Quilting blogs create such great inspiration – ok – maybe I don’t need more LOL, I’m already on the computer way too much!!  Just part of my side bar here – what is on my side bar is only a small portion of blogs that I read or glance over each day.  I glance at way too many, I think on my google reader right now I have about 80 blogs listed that I skim through.


I like using Word Press for my blog and I do not care for blogger – one thing about blogger though that I like as oppose to Word Press is that Blogger has the follower button so you know about how many people follow your blog.  Because I don’t have that I have a number count instead that shows how many page impressions I have.  Mine just went over the 200,000 mark since I put it on my blog last year – I didn’t think it was ever going to get there Smile  I know that is low to some but to me it shows people come on back to visit and I think that is great!


So back to the side bar – would you like to see more links to quilting blogs or do you not use this?

Joseph’s Coat– progress


LOL – I have had a couple notes over time asking me why do I have that little keepsake catalog on the floor in so many pictures of the quilts on the frame Smile I have an uneven floor – house is old, this lamp doesn’t sit solid on it so I tuck an old catalog under the lamp to hold it steady – simple solution.  I could get clamp lights for the frame as I have that bar that goes all the way across the top but then I would have to constantly be repositioning them because I have the goose neck notion holder than slides along with me as I make progress down the quilt.020

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  • Sarah DiDomizio Sep 12, 2012

    I love the blog rolls on people’s blogs. While I don’t always look at them, when I feel like I need new inspiration, I’ll go trolling around to different blogs that are linked on people’s pages that I do visit frequently. I know blogger has a good one where you can set it up to show snippets from the most recent posts. I actually use that to sometimes weed out old blogs that the writers don’t really post to anymore.
    Sarah DiDomizio recently posted…Make A List MondayMy Profile

  • Caron Mosey Sep 12, 2012

    Due to time restraints, I normally read blogs on Google Reader. Because of that, I don’t see the actual blogs website (with sidebars, decorations, backgrounds, etc.). However, there are times when I make it a point to go to various blogs and look around for just the reasons you mentioned above. I look to see if my blog is listed on their site, what blogs they follow that I might not, and what new and exciting things they have included since the last time I visited. Hope that helps!
    Caron Mosey recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: The moon and VenusMy Profile

  • Nedra Sep 12, 2012

    Oh, thanks for including me on your side bar 🙂
    I graze through yours from time to time, if I have an extra few minutes here and there. Most of the time I barely get through my own side bar.
    Nedra recently posted…Quilting SistersMy Profile

  • Debbie in Alaska Sep 12, 2012

    I do look at what other people read on their sidebars…but I often pull off sites that lose my interest…only sew much time to read blogs!
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…Tourist TuesdayMy Profile

  • Odette Sep 12, 2012

    Me gusta ver la barra lateral , he podido encontrar blogs muy interesantes , he aprendido tecnicas y me han ayudado a inspirarme tambien. He visitado todos sus enlaces , gracias porque me han servido de mucho.


  • audrey Sep 12, 2012

    I catch up with the quilt blogs that I follow from the link list on my side bar. Occasionally I go through and eliminate a few as I tend to add so many, I could spend half my day reading through blogs! So yeah, I’m always interested in the blogs that other quilters link up to and if I might be interested in linking up to them too.:)

  • Karen L. Sep 12, 2012

    I’m sorry to say that I rarely read the sidebar because I already have too many blogs bookmarked to read. Some of them are on you sidebar. I am afraid that if I find another blog to read I will never be able to go to bed due to trying to read and respond to all the blogs that I would love to follow!!! Right now I need to clean out my bookmarks because I don’t read half the blogs I have there and/or some of them have even disappeared or I have lost interest in them. I swore I would never do much with the computer except email but now I am somewhat addicted to certain blogs ……. such as Yours, darn it! lol But then your name did suck me in. After all, how could I resist another Karen with a husband named Mike???

  • Jocelyn Sep 12, 2012

    I do jump to read blogs from the sidebars. I sometimes find blogs that I might not normally see. So I read from my own google reader and when I am visiting other blogs, I take a look at who is listed.

  • glen I Louisiana Sep 12, 2012

    I often look at the sidebars to see wha t new people I can find!

    glen I Louisiana recently posted…How I Set Up a QuiltMy Profile

  • Erlinda Sep 12, 2012

    I look at the sidebar all the time. Just to see what other people are making.
    Erlinda recently posted…I movedMy Profile

  • Doreen Sep 12, 2012

    I really don’t go beyond those on my “follow” list…..major time constraints! However, I do follow up on all who comment on any of my posts and that gives me new additions! I treasure each and every friend on my “follow” list even though I haven’t had the pleasure of personally meeting them……yet;-D
    Doreen recently posted…Celebration………My Profile

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Sep 12, 2012

    Great question, Karen!! I do NOT look at your sidebar to see what blogs you read. I have my favorite blogs in a file under the Favorites on the tool bar and unless I see that you have highlighted another blog in your content AND I’m interested in the subject you are discussing, I don’t stray from my list of 30 or so blogs. These computers do feast on our time, don’t they???

    Bet you are glad to be about finished with Joseph’s Coat!!!!

  • Qi Sep 13, 2012

    I do love the tutorial part of your side bar. but i can not open most of your blog collections 🙁
    I even tried every links on your side bar and leave those ones i can opened to my favorite pages, Thanks a lot 🙂
    Qi recently posted…旅行 2011My Profile

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