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Joseph's Coat, quilts

Yes — yesterday I worked on 3 different projects – I was going to cut the grass first thing in the morning before it got hot but I couldn’t get the lawn mower to start so it sat!  I went back in the house and started housework –  took a long lunch break in town as I needed to get my drivers license renewed –  (actually took a good photo for a change – weird), grabbed a sandwich and then on to the fitness center for a work out then back home to – projects!

So lets start with Common Bride – baskets are done and border attached – now it is ready for me to start cutting pieces for applique.  The quilt center is now 34 1/2  x 34 1/2 inches.  I have actually used two different white on white fabrics so far for the background and intend to use a lot of others.


I decided I better rinse out and soak 3 of the fat quarters that I got last week as they were dark and I will be using some in the applique – good thinking!! look at these color catchers!  They almost look like pieces of fabric!  The first soak in hot water gave me this tannish color catcher.  I rinsed the pieces and filled my bowl back up with more hot water and another color catcher – walked off and let it soak for a couple hours and got the second one there that looks a little gray – the next soak was clear.  So the moral of this story is if you are using dark batiks with white background you might want to pre-wash Smile


On to the next – Joseph’s Coat – yes I sat down and quilted for about 45 minutes while talking to my mom on speaker phone – mom tends to go on and on a bit-I find it is good for me to put her on speaker and set the phone on the quilt and sit and quilt while I chat with her.


In the evening I finished up working on the Common Bride (top photo) and then moved on to quilting on the hoop for X Marks the Spot – 49 X’s I believe I have 16 of them quilted now – progress is  slow going right now simply because I have not been working on it as much as I had planned to.  I got a little more than I thought I would done on this while I was watching the Democratic Convention last night – I am watching the highlighted speeches as I did the same with the Republican Convention last week – I want to see what both sides say although I must admit to being totally disillusioned with both parties!!  I have not made up my mind.


the quilting on the prints doesn’t show up really well in the photos


The back – I do not have near the amount of quilting in on this quilt as I normally put in a quilt – I do not know if I will go back when I am done and add more or not  – it will depend on how I like the final outcome.


The next part of the Common Bride is adding the applique – the pattern is like this.  Yes it does fill the block up doesn’t it.  I will work on cutting the applique pieces and glue basting it in place this week and then start stitching next week.  I have to go through fabric and select more and see what needs to be pre-wash – I don’t pre-wash as I buy fabric as some do – although it does make sense to wash fabric as you buy it and then press and put on the shelf – one day maybe I will do that?


Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville has issued a challenge to put in an hour a day on hand work – piecing, applique, or quilting – I know I do over an hour on this each day as right now all of my projects are hand work!!  Go on over and see what everyone is working on.

I guess I better get to work!

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  • Tim Latimer Sep 5, 2012

    wow! that common bride is coming together beautifully! It is so fun to watch it grow…cant wait for the next update

  • Debbie in Alaska Sep 5, 2012

    Since I have turned to working with mostly batiks I always prewash my fabric. It always amazes me how much the dye in batiks can bleed. Plus sometimes the fabric just stinks from the chemical process. You do get a lot done every day…and as always…I am amazed it is mostly done by hand.

  • Sarah DiDomizio Sep 5, 2012

    Common Bride looks really good. I love the deep colors of the batiks against the whites…such a nice combo. As Debbie points out, I’m also amazed at how much you get done and that its almost all done by hand. Little bits at a time right? 😉

  • Cathi Sep 5, 2012

    The Common Bride quilt is going to be gorgeous!
    I prewash my fabric before it gets put away. Batiks are almost always guaranteed to bleed a bit but I’ve never thought to put a colour catcher in the wash with them. Just keep rinsing and washing until the water runs clear.

  • audrey Sep 5, 2012

    I love the stitching you’re doing on X Marks the Spot! I think that some quilts are okay with less ‘compact’ stitching. Maybe they’re more of a cuddle quilt or something.:)

  • CB is looking lovely!

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