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Don’t you just love Williams-Sonama, I love the store but I rarely buy anything there – they are kind of pricey I think.  I love looking at their cookbooks sometimes but I have never bought one as eventually you can find a used copy someplace it seems.  Well yesterday I went to Tuesday Morning and they had a shelf of cookbooks from that store – all marked down very low – I just had to get one.  I love baking and they have such wonderful recipes in it.


Look at the beautiful pages too – a photo of almost every single recipe in the book.  I will have to try a recipe soon.


I did quilt today – 2 hours! I will have to control myself or I will get very sore fingers again. Some of what I did here –


The backing that I had gotten for the Bow Tie Medallion is a dark brown paisley = I washed it because I felt that it might bleed(and it did) – it went and shrunk!!  Too much in the width – I have had it shrink sometimes in length but rarely in width.  It was 108 inches wide (it said  – I actually didn’t check it when I got it) well now it is barely 100 with the salvage edges still on it.  My quilt top is 100 inches so it is going to be too close to use it. once the salvage is cut off.    I do not want to piece a back – the whole purpose of a wide back is that you don’t need to piece a back (harder to go through seams with hand quilting).  I looked on Hancock’s of Paducah site and found a wide back on sale and ordered that – in a light tan type color – I’ll show it when I get it – I won’t pre-wash Smile this one.  It should arrive around the same time I get done with this quilt it usually takes about 7 to 10 days for an order to arrive from them it seems and I know it will take me at least that long to finish the quilting on Joseph’s Coat.  That big piece of paisley will be used just not in this quilt I will save it and use it as a backing probably on a smaller quilt.  I had gotten it very much on sale and still feel I got a good deal even though it shrunk so much.

I did take the half hexies off of the top of the Bow Tie quilt and I briefly thought to scatter some of them in with the applique in the corner but I didn’t like how they looked and they are now put away in the sewing room – they will be used at some point – maybe on pillow cases to go with this quilt? We will see.

Hope everyone is ok out east.  I have a brother and sister & their families in Maryland (near Fredrick)  and in Virginia(on the coast) I have a nephew and his family and a niece and her family, I was hearing from most of them them early evening but then nothing – I’m sure power is out – that was to be expected.  EDITED @ 7:26 AM:  heard from all my family in the east – all are well with power! How odd with so many out of power that although their power was on and off a bit yesterday they mainly have it – my brother has a neighbors tree over his fence but not on the house and that is what counts isn’t it.

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  • Kim Oct 30, 2012

    First off so glad your family is all safe. Being from the coast (almost) of Louisiana I know how scary hurricanes can be. How wonderful they have electricity! I am so sorry the fabric shrunk so much. wow that is alot of shrinkage.
    Kim recently posted…Another Block Quilted!My Profile

  • Flo Oct 30, 2012

    I love wandering in William-Sonoma too…but rarely buy anything either! Great find on the cookbook. And glad to hear your family is safe…that must be very frightening right now!
    Flo recently posted…HST Question..My Profile

  • Swooze Oct 30, 2012

    Love seeing your progress. Have enjoyed watching Joseph’s coat and all it’s stages. Happy to see it so close to a finish.

  • Catherine Oct 30, 2012

    Glad your family is okay. I live in NJ and it has been awful. So much destruction at the shore. Luckily my area didn’t get hit that bad even though wind was 70 mph. I’m 45 minutes from the shore. Thankfully we didn’t lose power. Lots of flickering lights but they stayed on.

    Too bad the backing shrunk for medallion. That is a lot of shrinkage. I’m sure you will use it for something else. The cookbook looks like a good one.

  • I’m so glad your family is safe.
    Your new book looks gorgeous, as does JC!
    Archie the wonder dog recently posted…Finally…My Profile

  • Penny Oct 30, 2012

    Karen, the news in Australia is full of what is happening over there, it sounds terrible! Glad your family is safe! Do you only wash fabric that you think needs it, and then mix washed and unwashed fabric together in the same quilt? I must admit I get confused about whether to wash or just steam press. When I started quilting I washed, then was told not to wash, so I have both in my stash and forget what is and what is not. Looking forward to seeing Bow Tie Medallion quilted, just love the applique you have decided on.

  • Vivian Oct 30, 2012

    Good idea to use the extra hexies for pillow cases. I love the look of pillow cases that match the quilts but never think to make them. Love browsing in Williams-Sonoma–just browsing.
    Vivian recently posted…Fall Blogger’s Quilt FestivalMy Profile

  • Karen L. Oct 30, 2012

    Glad to hear that the family is all well.
    Sure, sure, your quilting and quilt look fabulous but that Black Forest Cake in the cookbook ….. Oh My, I could eat a piece of that right now!!! Bet that could add a few inches to the waistline!

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