Day 6–Playing Tourist


Scheduled from vacation in September:

Today was a day to go exploring.  We drove west of Madison to the little town of Mt. Horeb and then on to a little village that you pay to go on a tour through – Little Norway.  Both unique in their own ways.  I have added links to both so you can read about them if you wish.

I took way too many photos – I am limiting myself to some of my favorites.  Trolls scattered throughout the town of Mt. Horeb.





I found a quilt shop and it was closed Sad smile oh well, I will find another I’m sure.


A quilt hanging in the visitors center





I was going to put the photos from Little Norway here too but I have so many I will need to do several post of it.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Sue Oct 3, 2012

    Those are some cute little statues. Were those all at the same place? And what would be the deal with the trolls. The only knowledge I have of trolls is that it is what those living in the U.P. of Michigan call us who live below the Mackinaw Bridge! LOL I am a troll 😀

    I love that quilt hanging on one of the last photos. That is a beauty!
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  • Karen L. Oct 3, 2012

    I love the trolls too. My Dad carved a “little man” from a big log and we had it by our front steps. Then he carved the Hawaiian statue that was on the TV show Hawaiian Eye. The detectives/actors always “hand kissed” as they passed it going into the building ( perhaps it was a club). Anyway, we loved that show so he did the carving. I still have the miniatures that he made before carving the larger ones. Shouldn’t everyone have a troll of some sort at their house? The white house with the orange trim is stunning! Looks like it is some sort of business? Can you imagine having to take care of that place? Wow!

  • Marianne Oct 4, 2012

    My brother has good friends who live in Mt. Horeb. They moved an old house from one side of town to another. One is really into antiques, so it is wonderful to visit. We’ll have to go wander around downtown next time, and also go to Little Norway. Many years ago my Mom took me to an old, restored Welsh mining community in the Madison area. Also very nice. Sept. is a nice time to visit – good weather!

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