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Well I managed to get in a little over an hour of quilting last night and I was able to crank the quilt on down a little bit again.   Closer and closer to the finish – but give me a couple weeks of steady work before I can say it is done.  Except for the binding that is and with these scallops that will take me awhile for sure!

The area finished last night.


It is always hard to get the whole quilt in a photo with as long as it is on the frame so two shots were needed.



Trying to hold the camera above my head as far as my arms can stretch and still the whole quilt isn’t in view.


But that is most of it – I will go end to end on what is left 3 times as I have showed you in the past how much I can do with each “row”.    I am estimating about 25 hours of quilting time to go.  Possibly I can finish by the end of the month – but I don’t know – so many other things to work on Smile

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  • Liz Oct 16, 2012

    I really like this quilt. Am patiently waiting for the finish!

  • Nedra Oct 16, 2012

    You really are getting close to a finish! And it’s such a beautiful quilt!

  • That is going to be one beautiful quilt, Karen. When I get really close to the end of a project, I can’t stop working on it until it’s finished. Unfortunately, I have no projects at that point right now…. LOL!!!

  • It’s stunning!!

  • Doreen Oct 16, 2012

    Love that last photo!! Hand work puts so much more in to the creation, don’t you think?? That is the part that is lost when the machine enters.

  • Cathi Oct 16, 2012

    You’re getting so close to the end! It is going to be fabulous to see the finished quilt!

  • Astrid Oct 16, 2012

    Before you know, this quilt is done too! Very pretty!

  • Kim Oct 16, 2012

    Wow how exciting to see the final row! Such a lovely quilt!

  • Sartenada Oct 20, 2012

    Very beautiful. I have seen this pattern somewhere in quilt show in Finland.

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