Joseph’s Coat

Joseph’s Coat

Yes finally I got back to work on this quilt last night.  There really isn’t that much left to quilt on it and I really need to get back to work and finish it up.  Last night I got some quilting done.  I got started watching a series on Netflix called “Ringer” 22 shows but only one season and it was cancelled.  I watched two shows last night while I quilted this area.  I think it is an ok show but I think I can see why it was cancelled.  Maybe it will hold my interest this week and I can get more quilting done.


Thank you all so much for your opinions  on the Bow Tie applique in that one corner.  I am going to take those little hexies off – they are just glue basted down so they will be fairly easy to remove.  In the book the quilt they are on is a small wall hanging and on this big of a quilt I think they would have to go half way across those borders to look right and I really do not feel like making more of them.  I might save these to use for pillow cases to match the quilt – use the hexies for an edging on the cases – maybe, maybe not – by time I get done with the quilting I might change my mind.  I actually could toss a few of those small hexies here and there in this corner of the applique – I have a few blank spots here and there 🙂

I did get started on the applique Saturday night and got more done on Sunday.  This much done, a bit more to go.  I do believe I can get these two quilts done at the same time and get one off the frame and the next one immediately on it.


Someone asked what I’m I working on when I get done with these two projects – well I well get back to the Common Bride quilt top and work on that for the winter – also I would like to get all of the Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses blocks put together and see what it looks like and then I will know if I want to make it larger.  As if those two tops aren’t enough, I have a pinwheel quilt that is small enough to go in the hoop to work on.  I really would like to make progress on all of these that are waiting in line before I start something new but all that fabric on the shelf is calling my name and I’m not sure how long I can hold out before starting another – hopefully I can hold out until next year!  William Morris in Applique is really calling to me loudly – I have to hold out until next year and finish more first!!

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  • Karen L. Oct 29, 2012

    I suppose if you tossed some of those small hexies in the applique corner, they could look like flower petals that have fallen off of another flower. Hmmm, interesting idea. I am sure if you try that and like it, you will show us a photo, right?
    I notice that you don’t have your leaves right up next to the stem but rather sitting out from it a bit. Is there a specific reason you do that …. maybe the original pattern idea was that way and you liked the look or perhaps it is easier to applique them on if they do not actually touch the stem? Just curious!!!

  • deb Oct 29, 2012

    Drats karen I had not seen you post about your quilting and I thought I would be able to catch up on mine a little. You are so quick, I think you had to wait till that poor finger healed over a little…LOL
    A wonderful hexie applique!
    deb recently posted…Twisted Stitchers Nov 2 and 3rd 2012My Profile

  • Cathi Oct 29, 2012

    How exciting to think that you might get your Joseph’s Coat quilt finished this week!
    You inspiring me to get my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks out and work on them. May be time to put them up on the design wall and have a play with the layout.
    Cathi recently posted…Colourful 9-Patches DoneMy Profile

  • Kim Oct 29, 2012

    Karen, I have to say you have inspired me to get busy on my hand quilting. I was putting it off even though I am ready for this quilt to be done so I can enjoy it. I am quilting block 4 of 9 now and thoroughly enjoying it again. Most of the quilting I did this year was on the machine. Now all of my projects are hand work and I am one happy quilter!
    Kim recently posted…Another Block Quilted!My Profile

  • Astrid Oct 29, 2012

    I’m always drooling over your hand quilting….. I do wonder when I’ll be ready to try – lol. Do you ever get impatient to finish a quilt when there’s only a small part left to quilt before it’s all done? Sometimes it feels to me the last hours working on a quilt takes forever! 🙂
    Astrid recently posted…Blogger’s BOM #12 and #13My Profile

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