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Ok – I think I told you all the story about my paddle thimble – how I now have 3 of them because I would loose one then buy another only to have the lost one show up then loose two and have ordered another one and have one after another show back up – well you can guess it – I just now found the lost stick on thimble after the new one arrived today – I really thought I needed a spare now I have 3– what are the odds on that – and you wouldn’t guess where it turned up —

See this little mug that has about a dozen small stilettos in it – what are the odds —


That this afternoon while I was getting ready to make some bias stems for the applique on the Bow Tie quilt that I would take from that mug the one stiletto that the stick on thimble had stuck itself to Smile  LOL  I do remember now that last month I had put this stiletto in my little sewing pack for some reason or other I don’t remember now why – but that I would pick up the same one out of a mug that has so many in it!  what are the odds of that happening?


I guess I better keep one of them on the tray at the quilting frame and not in the thimble pack I just bought to make sure one is in a different place in case I loose the thimble pack!!

Yes I finished the Triangle quilt – it is in the dryer – I will show it tomorrow – now on to the applique.  A bit of a mess right now – I need to make these stems and then I will have more space.


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  • Oh dear!! Maybe you should put one of them in a special place and then take a photo and put it here so you can remember where it is if (when?!) you lose the other two…
    Archie the wonder dog recently posted…A little progress is still progress!My Profile

  • Doreen Oct 23, 2012

    That is way too funny (and something I would do!!). The thing is, I would move it to where it should be but the next time I need it I would go back to the stiletto to find it! Funny how our/my “memory bank” works!!!!
    Doreen recently posted…A bittersweet post…….My Profile

  • Kim Oct 23, 2012

    How do you like those stick on thimbles? Who makes them? Wonder if I can find them in Houston next week? That looks like something I could use.
    Kim recently posted…Diamond Finished!My Profile

  • Karen L. Oct 23, 2012

    Oh yes, I am laughing with you but I am also crying because I still have not found my thimble packet! Could you check again in that mug and see if it is hiding there? lol Maybe you should blog about exactly where you put certain things so that when you lose them, one of your readers could tell you where it is. Hmm, might just work!!!

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