Little Norway continued from Day 6


This was just such a pretty place I kept taking one photo after another.  If you are ever near the Madison Wisconsin area Little Norway is something to see.

This coverlet on the bed was so pretty and in very good condition – it wasn’t even yellowed in the least.


Carved wooden spoons – the one in the middle that is held together with a wooden chain was typically used at weddings by the bride and groom


A crazy quilt


Another antique sewing machine


very old storage box – love the paint


The property has a spring that still gives cold crisp water


And does anyone know the name of these flowers.  I have never seen sunflowers with such long stems!  I love the way the plant swirls – I would love to get a package of the seeds to try them out.


I won’t post any more from this lovely place – I have so many more photos it will take too many post to put them all up!

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  • Doreen Oct 4, 2012

    Am loving this place!! Will have to make the trek. Having never been to Norway but remembering my geography studies of the country, I have been in love with the topography (fjords, etc) and know why I (and those early immigrants) fell in love and made their homes in the Coulee Region–felt like ‘home’!!! Thanks, again!

  • Tim Latimer Oct 4, 2012

    Looks like they are
    Helianthus maximiliani or common name Maximilian sunflower
    looks like you had a great trip!

  • Tim Latimer Oct 4, 2012

    I looked it up and I found another sunflower that I think is it….the willow leaf sunflower

  • Arlene Klatt Oct 4, 2012

    Hi I really like the look of those sunflowers I am going to have to get busy and look for them also. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathleen Oct 5, 2012

    I think Tim nailed it. I like it too and it’s deer resistant. A+ for me.

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