Lost Track of the Days


Smile you know how it is when you are traveling and trying to blog about things – I have been trying to continue my blogging on a almost daily basis to keep up with the massive amount of photos I take – but it is hard.

A days drive over to Lake Michigan – chilly about 60 degrees and so windy – but we ventured out for a short walk anyway.


birds flying south – they got the right idea – while I enjoy fall weather I rather go to it gradually, when we left home last week it was in the 90’s here mainly in the 60’s – a little weather change to get used to.


The lake is pretty and so big!


The kids have been in school and the adults busy so we had the day to ourselves.   We didn’t get back to the campground until evening.  It stayed chilly all day and rainy off and on.

The next day we were back over to Jessica’s house after the kids got back from activities.  Ciera is in basketball this year as she was last year and had practice – still in her practice uniform here.  You will notice off and on that she is wearing two socks of different colors – she does this on purpose and is trying to set a trend I think 🙂


Showing her moves –


Ciera and Jessica getting some pumpkin milk shakes made for all of us.  Jessica loves all things pumpkin and I think the kids do too – they were good!


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  • Doreen Oct 4, 2012

    Over the last couple of trips to the Black Hills (last Spring and this past Sept) I took a ‘ton’ of pics, too. Visited quite a few quilt shops. Way too many for posts just about them so will use some of the photos when I use the fabrics purchased at each one. This serves as motivation to use these fabrics!!!!!! Brrrrr! that water sure looks chilly! Still holding at 55F but headed downward;-( Give me hot weather temps everytime!!!!!!
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  • Vivian Oct 4, 2012

    Looks pretty dreary. Yep, the sock thing is a trend. My daughter-in-law has been doing that for quite some time. They are also making boys (mens) socks that are low and colored with plaids. Takes some getting used to after only seeing white socks on young men for so long.
    Vivian recently posted…One of those days . . .My Profile

  • Judi Oct 4, 2012

    Nice socks 🙂 The kids out here do that too, but they wear the kind that go clear up to their knees – and they are usually stripes and dots and all sorts of wild colors. So hers are pretty tame 🙂 Looks like you had a really nice visit!
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  • Nedra Oct 5, 2012

    Looks like you’ve been having some wonderful travels. I especially love the houses in Little Norway.
    Nedra recently posted…All Is WellMy Profile

  • Debbe Oct 5, 2012

    Sadly you can buy packages of 3 different socks, not pairs just 3 socks and they don’t match. It drive me crazy, but then as a mom, it makes laundry a bit easier because you don’t have to match up socks.
    Debbe recently posted…Welcome October!My Profile

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